Friday, January 28, 2022

LightCON Launches NFT Presale for Its New Game, Rise of Stars (ROS)

 SEONGNAM, South Korea -Thursday 27 January 2022 [ AETOS Wire ]

NFT presale for ROS’s item Warship Carriers starts on January 27

1,504 Warship Carrier NFT lucky boxes sold through WEMIX Auction

1.2 million Silthereum to be provided through airdrop event, etc.

(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Rise of Stars (ROS), a new mobile game being developed by LightCON, a subsidiary of WEMADE MAX (Co-CEOs: Hyunguk Chang, Gilhyung Lee) (KOSDAQ: 101730), launches NFT presale of Warship Carriers on January 27.

ROS is the first 4x blockchain game to be released on the WEMIX platform. In addition to real-time massive warfare, this game, which is set on the vast universe, features elaborately designed warships and planets.

In particular, ROS provides Silthereum, a new game token, and the item ‘Warship Carrier’ to which NFT is applied. Prior to the official service, the NFT is presold.

Warship Carrier, which carries a large number of warships, is an item providing various buff benefits to the warships and serves as the main axis in the ROS token ecosystem. It offers a function to mine Silther Particles, which are exchanged for Silthereum, the game token. The higher the Warship Carrier tier is, the larger the amount of Silther Particle mining becomes.

The presale is held twice between January 27 and February 17 on WEMIX Auction. 1,504 NFT Warship Carrier lucky boxes will be sold at discounted prices on a first-come-first-served basis.

Through the first presale, 500 Tier-1 Warship Carrier lucky boxes and 252 Tier-2 Warship Carrier lucky boxes will be sold at 20% discounted prices from January 27 to February 3. During the second presale from February 10 to 17, the same amounts will be sold at 10% discounted prices.

To mark the first NFT presale of ROS, 1.2 million Silthereum tokens will be presented through an airdrop event. All NFT buyers will be presented with a total of 201,200 Silthereum tokens. In addition, 20,000 users who participate in the community event will be provided with 50 Silthereum tokens each by lot.

On the 12th, ROS opened the pre-registration on the Google Play and Apple App Store in global regions excluding Korea and China, etc. To celebrate the opening of global pre-registration, an airdrop event offering a total of one million Silthereum tokens is being held.

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