Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Economic Initiative ‘SEOUL SPOONING 2022’ Announced for MIR4

 SEOUL, South Korea -Thursday 20 January 2022 [ AETOS Wire ]

Seoul Spooning 2022 developed to establish new economic initiative for the MMORPG masterpiece, ‘MIR4’.

(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Wemade Co., Ltd. announces a new economic initiative, Seoul Spooning 2022, that will enhance the value of the ‘MIR4’ blockchain economy through continuous economic expansion; a teaser page has already been released.

Seoul Spooning 2022 is a legislative proposal that aims to expand and evolve the blockchain functionality incorporated in ‘MIR4’ to the De-Fi space. It contains various economic policy changes, including the introduction of HYDRA – a new game token – and the emergence of a new item that will be needed for refining HYDRA, called Septaria, as well as the new HYDRA Staking Program.

HYDRA is a game utility coin based on DRACO that is acquired by synthesizing 20 DRACO with Septaria (obtained from the Sanctuary of Hydra in ‘MIR4’). For every 100,000 HYDRA refined, the Septarium cost to refine HYDRA increases by one, making it advantageous to begin refining HYDRA as early as possible.

Furthermore, HYDRA can be used to interact with other games on the WEMIX platform. As the ecosystem of the WEMIX platform develops, the use, exchange, and connectivity of HYDRA will gradually expand to play a more important role as a governance token for MIR4's tokenomics.

Wemade will continue to prepare various systems that will enable players to enjoy a more advanced economy in ‘MIR4’. ‘MIR4’ has become a global phenomenon in the gaming space with the implementation of blockchain technology in a commercially successful online game. The synergy created by the combination of a well-made game and an autonomous, decentralized economy has paved the way for ‘MIR4’ to become one of the first Play and Earn games in the world.

'MIR4' SEOUL SPOONING 2022 YouTube Link: https://youtu.be/mYG1a3gpW8c


Wemade Co., Ltd. (112040: KOSDAQ)

Yeonghyun Lee, PR Manager


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