Thursday, February 29, 2024

EH Group Joins H2MARINE Project to Develop Next Generation Maritime Fuel Cells


(BUSINESS WIRE)--EH Group is a proud member of H2MARINE, a co-funded initiative by the EU’s Clean Hydrogen Partnership and SERI (Switzerland). The project is committed to innovation in hydrogen technologies, focused on the development of next generation PEM fuel cell stacks for marine applications.

It entails the comprehensive process of designing, assembly, and testing of FC stacks, engineered to generate 250-300 kW of electrical power, and addressing the specific challenges of maritime applications. Based on its unique FC technology, EH Group will contribute its high power density stacks, further developed and optimised for marine use.

With an overall budget of over 9Mio EUR, across 42 months, the project represents a significant step forward in the pursuit of sustainable energy solutions for the maritime sector. The project consortium consists of 13 partners across Europe, including key R&D institutes like VTT, EPFL, ZSW, University of Freiburg, and companies such as Beyond Gravity, CluBE, CLEOS, DANA REINZ-DICHTUNGS-GmbH, Greenerity GmbH, PowerCell Sweden AB, and Thyssenkrupp Marine Systems.

“Our high power density fuel cell technology has been recognised in its use for maritime applications, and we are delighted to contribute to its further development in this project. ” says Mardit Matian, Founder of EH Group.

“The marine sector is facing increasing pressure to decarbonise, and EH Group is committed with its H2MARINE collaborators to accelerate FCs role in solving that challenge.” states Christopher Brandon, Co-Founder.

About EH Group

Established in Switzerland since 2017, EH Group is focused on the design and production of its innovative fuel cell technology. It offers unrivalled power density, greater system efficiency and a unique assembly process that radically reduces costs. It is aimed at the decarbonisation of heavy duty mobility such as marine vessels, off-highway vehicles, trucking and aviation as well as large scale stationary power.


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