Monday, March 6, 2023


 The Saudi Ministry of Justice gears up to host the first International Conference on Justice in Riyadh on 5-6 March, 2023.


The two-day conference gathers experts from over 30 countries to discuss the future of digital transformation in the field of justice.


Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Justice is organizing the first International Conference on Justice in Riyadh on 5-6 March, 2023. The Conference will bring together experts, jurists and key decision makers from the legal sectors of over 30 countries to discuss the future of technology and digitization in the field of justice.

“The Conference stems from the ministry’s interest in exchanging judicial expertise, enriching legal culture, and fostering international collaboration in the judicial field,” said Saudi Justice Minister, H.E. Walid Al-Samaani. “It aims to enhance digital enablers facilitating access to justice, consolidate safeguards in digital judicial applications, exchange expertise and best practices, enhance international relations, and highlight the latest international trends in judicial sectors.”

Jurists and experts will discuss the strategies of digital transformation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the justice field, the future of digital judicial technology, the relevant international experiences, and the legal dimension and use of AI in the judicial sphere.

“With the support of the Saudi leadership and in line with Vision 2030, the Saudi justice sector has witnessed notable digital transformation,”  Al-Samaani said. “The Saudi Ministry of Justice now provides over 150 electronic services related to courts, notarization, enforcement and conciliation; among others.”

The minister also noted that the Kingdom has upgraded the legislative environment and enhanced its efficiency in line with the latest global standards by developing the specialized legislative system and promoting the principles of justice and transparency.

By bringing together thought leaders in the judicial field, the Kingdom is looking to deepen collaboration and knowledge exchange between global stakeholders in the sphere of justice, fostering international cooperation as a driving force behind the future development of global legal system.



Hussam Alnemr

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