Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Giga Carbon Neutrality Inc., the Global Leader in Providing Open V2X Systems and Commercial Transportation Clean Energy Solutions, Secures USD500 Million SSF Capital Commitment From GEM

 NEW YORK - Tuesday, 07. February 2023 AETOSWire Print 

(BUSINESS WIRE)--Giga Carbon Neutrality Inc. (“GCN”) today announced a USD500 Million capital commitment from GEM Global Yield LLC SCS ("GEM"), the Luxembourg based private alternative investment group, in the form of a Share Subscription Facility (“SSF”). Under the agreement, GEM will provide GCN with a Share Subscription Facility of up to USD 500 Million of GCN’s common stock.

Martin Wade, Chairman of GCN, commented: “The world is embracing rapid industrial transformation brought about by new energy systems and their integration into various industry sectors. GCN has strong and comprehensive technical expertise in commercial vehicles and equipment. With its intelligent V2X (vehicle-connected-to-everything) technology and its smart IoT (internet of things) systems, GCN is a pioneer committed to becoming a total solution provider including vehicle equipment manufacturing, comprehensive technologies, operation platforms, energy data and carbon credit services. The SSF provided by GEM demonstrates investors’ confidence in GCN’s prospects and the company’s ability to build out its leading status as a provider of intelligent new energy commercial solutions. The SSF will allow us to finance cutting-edge technology capabilities and substantial expansion of service platform and sales.”

About GCN

GCN, together with its affiliates, provides solutions of new energy commercial vehicle equipment and comprehensive services to clients globally. GCN acts as a service and product integrator in the global intelligent commercial transportation and equipment market to efficiently realize customers’ carbon neutrality goals. GCN and its partners offer vehicle equipment manufacturing, comprehensive technologies, operation platforms, energy data and carbon credit services. For more information, please visit the website: https://gigacarbonneutrality.com/

About GEM

Global Emerging Markets (“GEM”) is a Luxembourg based private alternative investment group with offices in Paris, New York and The Bahamas. GEM manages a diverse set of investment vehicles focused on emerging markets and has completed over 525 transactions in 72 countries. Each investment vehicle has a different degree of operational controls, risk-adjusted returns, and liquidity profiles. The family of funds and investment vehicles provide GEM and its partners with exposure to: Small-Mid Cap Management Buyouts, Private Investments in Public Equities and select venture investments.

For more information: http://www.gemny.com


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