Tuesday, October 12, 2021

The Rise of Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Procedures Post-Pandemic

 DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES.-Monday 11 October 2021 [ AETOS Wire ]

As the Covid-19 global pandemic winds down, a sharp spike in requests for cosmetic procedures has been observed, as life slowly returns back to normal.

Both invasive and non-invasive techniques are seeing an upswing as people transition out of working-from-home and restrictions are lifted, allowing for in-person socialisation. It is uncommon for anyone living in Dubai not to have had any work done, be it a topical skin treatment or an invasive rhinoplasty.

Dubai, deemed the “Beverly Hills of the Middle East”, has emerged as an epicentre for the world's cosmetic medical tourism, with the highest number of cosmetic surgeons per capita in the region — about 50 specialists for a million people, according to a report by the Dubai Health Authority.

Surgeons in Dubai, such as Dr. Charles Galanis, MD, FACS, regularly run out of appointments but try to cater to all patients to the best of their ability.

Dr. Galanis who is at CosmeSurge Hospital Jumeirah in Dubai from the 9th till the 14th of October, says, “Dubai really draws from a huge slot of territory, both from the Middle East and beyond, from people who either live here or are coming to visit here for surgery and to recover before returning home. Dubai really benefits from the availability of top worldwide talent in the field, as well as access to exceptional and the most up-to-date technology and machinery.”

Speaking of technology, Dr. Galanis adds, “When I think of plastic surgery, I think of three things: technique, technology, and artistry; these three things absolutely have to work in unison. Having a creative mind coupled with good technique from good training and access to cutting-edge technology as is available in Dubai, you are in a position to deliver dramatic results to patients looking at cosmetic treatments.”

Dr. Galanis reflects further on the role of social media in today’s trends for opting for cosmetic work. “I’m seeing more and more that ‘everyday people’ are seeking cosmetic solutions, whereas just a few years ago my clientele was made up of mainly media personalities where I operate out of in my home clinic in Beverly Hills, California. I attribute this to the rise of social media - people, no matter what profession they’re in, want to feel good about themselves and put their best face forward. Everyone online wants to achieve ‘perfection’, and we certainly attain their goals through our work.”

Dubai is many people’s first choice as a cosmetic destination. Patients and doctors alike utilise the state-of-the-art technology and machinery, expertise, and competitive pricing. Healthcare regulations leave patients reassured that they are being taken care of by the world’s most qualified professionals who they can trust blindly.

Patients in Dubai expect the most exclusive and advanced treatments the world has to offer, and the post-pandemic market will continue to see a rise in demand for physical perfection.


Omnia Tarek


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