Monday, October 11, 2021

Introducing a New Antifungal Surveillance Program: Analysis of Resistance to Antifungals (ARIA) and Expanded Mycology Services at IHMA

 SCHAUMBURG, Ill.-Saturday 9 October 2021 [ AETOS Wire ]

(BUSINESS WIRE) -- International Health Management Associates (IHMA) has initiated a new antifungal resistance surveillance program, Analysis of Resistance to Antifungals (ARIA) to further the development of new antifungal agents and monitor the development of antifungal resistance.

ARIA collects and determines the antifungal susceptibility of clinically-relevant Candida spp., which includes the emerging C. auris, filamentous fungi, and also rarer molds from hospitals world-wide, including China and India. IHMA offers an option for biopharmaceutical companies to add new antifungal agents to the program.

The first presentation of ARIA data - Analysis of Resistance In Antifungals (ARIA) - Global Surveillance of Candida spp. Isolates, Including C. auris, in 2019 - will be made at the upcoming 10th Trends in Medical Mycology (TIMM-10), 8-11 October 2021, Aberdeen, Scotland.

The ARIA program greatly enhances IHMA's pre-clinical and clinical mycology capabilities at the European facility (Monthey, Switzerland) to profile new products, molecularly characterize antifungal resistance mechanisms, and serve as a central laboratory for clinical trials.

“IHMA is continuously looking for new ways to help clients progress with their new anti-infective agent programs. Our ability to adapt and add new capabilities shows our flexibility, dedication, and interest in assisting clients in the ongoing fight against antimicrobial resistance. The addition of mycology services augments our goal to support the biopharmaceutical industry by providing a suite of premier microbiology services to clients wishing to conduct antifungal studies on a global scale,” said Jack L. Johnson, President/CEO of IHMA.

About IHMA:

As the leading global microbiology service provider to the biopharmaceutical industry, IHMA utilizes its extensive laboratory and industry expertise to support efficient and effective anti-infective product development. IHMA is a premier provider of reference laboratory services to support anti-infective product discovery and development as well as the development of diagnostic devices that detect bacterial resistance to antimicrobial agents and new technologies as they emerge.

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