Friday, October 2, 2020

EasyCOV, the Virological Saliva Test for COVID19 Confirms Its Excellent Results: a Sensitivity of 88% and a Specificity of 99% in 40 Min

 PARIS-Thursday 1 October 2020 [ AETOS Wire ]

(BUSINESS WIRE)-- EasyCOV, a virological saliva detection test for COVID19, has shown a sensitivity of 88% and a specificity 99% during a clinical trial performed at the testing center operated by the teaching hospital of Montpellier. The test relies on an optimized thermal protocol that provides the results in 40 minutes.

EasyCOV, developed by SkillCell in collaboration with the CNRS (French National Center for Scientific Research), is a saliva test that can be run in the field and that provides results in the form of a change of color in no more than 40 minutes. Performed by a healthcare professional, the test requires the collection of 200 microliters of saliva, approximately 4 drops, from under the patient’s tongue. The sample is heated successively in two tubes using the nomadic heating device EasyVID (developed and produced by TRONICO, sister company of SkillCell). A test turning bright yellow indicates that the virus has been detected while an orange test is negative.

A double-blind clinical trial has been conducted at the teaching hospital of Montpellier, France, in real life conditions at the testing center operated by the hospital. During this clinical trial, nasopharyngeal and saliva samples were collected simultaneously and analyzed via RT PCR. These two analyses were used as a basis to establish the infection status of the participants. This status was then compared to the results of EasyCOV test. This analysis showed a sensitivity of 87.5% and a specificity of 99.4% for 220 participants, including 40 positive patients with and without symptoms. EasyCOV test was performed using a thermal protocol giving results in 40 min.

EasyCOV demonstrates with this trial that it is high quality, faster, cost-efficient and not invasive test that can be performed in a large variety of locations without requiring heavy investments.

Alexandra Prieux, President of SkillCell commented « EasyCOV is a unique and necessary tool in the fight against COVID 19. It is a real satisfaction for the team that our test is able to bring a concrete answer to the sanitary and economic challenges that we face today. ».

The EasyCov programme is supported by the French Ministry of Armed Forces via the Direction Générale de l’Armement (Directorate General of Armaments - DGA) and the Agence de l’Innovation de Défense (Defense Innovation Agency - AID).


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