Thursday, September 7, 2023

Allison Unveils New Brand Identity to Reflect Agency’s Evolution


 The new brand sharpens its focus on addressing complex client needs, while remaining at the forefront of technological innovation, and reinforcing its commitment to excellence and global impact

(BUSINESS WIRE) -- After more than two decades of remarkable growth and evolution, Allison (fka Allison+Partners) is excited to unveil its new brand identity, complete with a new name, logo, website and visual identity. The rebranding effort reflects the agency's transformation from its origin as a traditional PR firm focused on earned media to a modern integrated marketing and communications powerhouse with a global presence.

"Today marks a significant milestone in our history,” says Scott Allison, global chairman and CEO of Allison. “The unveiling of our new brand identity represents not just a change in name and logo, but a bold declaration of our commitment to shaping the future of integrated marketing and communications. We have evolved alongside the industry, embracing innovation and expanding our global footprint. This rebranding is a testament to our team's dedication to excellence, creativity, and the relentless pursuit of solutions that drive meaningful impact for our clients. With Allison, we are poised to lead the way in a new era of communications."

Why Rebrand? Why Now?

Over the past 22 years, Allison has undergone a remarkable evolution, expanding its services, client portfolio and talent base to encompass a diverse range of expertise, from to creative solutions. The agency also saw significant growth in the number of global assignments —with seven of its top 10 clients now represented across multiple markets—and an enhanced client roster of global brands, such as AB InBev, GE Appliances, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, IHG, Kyndryl and Revlon. This rebranding initiative is a response to the need for a refreshed brand identity that aligns with the agency's current and future trajectory, while highlighting its unique culture, global reach, integrated capabilities and forward-thinking approach. Visit the new website at to explore the refreshed brand identity and learn more about Allison's innovative solutions.

Solving Fragmentation and Embracing Innovation

The rebranding also aims to address the challenge of fragmentation that has naturally occurred as the agency has grown and the marketing landscape has evolved, potentially diluting or blurring the agency's points of differentiation. By simplifying and unifying the brand story, Allison will better convey its ability to solve complex business challenges, attract top talent, and provide integrated marketing and communications on a global scale. The new brand identity not only celebrates the agency's growth but also positions it as a driver of the industry's future innovations.

A Fresh and Modern Identity Built In-House

Allison’s Brand and Engagement Strategy Team led the new brand identity, using its approach to research, strategy and branding for clients called V.I.T.A.L, which is a framework that helps companies understand and express a brand’s humanity (and therefore build engagement). The new brand features a sleek and modern logo that signifies the agency's evolution and commitment to innovation. The cutout in the I represent the agency’s vision of always moving forward with innovation and a commitment to excellence. The name change to "Allison" showcases a more inclusive and contemporary identity, while paying homage to the agency's founders and their values. The removal of "+Partners" reflects the team-oriented approach Allison has always been known for, emphasizing the agency's focus on inclusion, unity and diversity.

Forward-Looking Vision

With the rebrand, Allison sets its sights on its evolution to a fully integrated marketing and communications consultancy. Its Marketing Innovation Team offers integrated marketing, brand engagement strategies, performance marketing, creative, Storytelling Studio, and research and analytics functions, while its Allison Advisory team helps the C-suite accelerate growth by finding and optimizing the intersection of business goals, customer needs, regulatory environments and employee experience. The agency plans to bolster its creative capabilities, achieve rapid growth through targeted acquisitions, and continue to expand its service offerings beyond its PR roots driving innovation through a deep expertise in data and technology.

Brand Manifesto, Mission, Vision, and Purpose

The new brand manifesto, Always Forward, speaks to the agency's dedication to agility, innovation and forward momentum. The mission underscores that it's all about the work—unlocking insights, inspiring innovation and building meaningful connections. The vision and purpose highlight Allison's commitment to a limitless environment where everyone can build, create and grow, while using creativity to drive positive change and business success.

Agency Solutions

At the heart of the rebrand is a profound shift towards enhanced client offerings. Every solution is thoughtfully crafted to address the unique challenges our clients face in today's ever-changing global marketplace. By immersing ourselves in our clients' issues, Allison transcends the boundaries of conventional marketing, emerging as problem solvers and trusted partners. With this new approach, Allison emphasizes its ability to drive awareness and demand, increase cultural relevance, build and protect reputations, transform brands, and elevate business performance for clients across the globe. The solutions are not just services; they are pathways to success, strategies to create change and blueprints for navigating the dynamic marketing landscape.

With this rebrand, Allison is poised to embark on an exciting new chapter, while respecting the legacy of growth that has made it one of the greatest success stories in the industry over the past 22 years, showcasing its evolution, innovation and commitment to always move forward. The new brand identity captures the agency's spirit and dedication, ensuring it remains at the forefront of the industry for years to come.

About Allison

Allison is a global integrated marketing and communications consultancy, dedicated to driving growth, innovation, and positive change for clients, colleagues, and communities. With a diverse range of expertise and a forward-looking mindset, Allison delivers game-changing results that make a lasting impact. Allison is owned by Stagwell (NASDAQ: STGW), one of the fastest growing and most influential marketing and communications networks in the world. Agency partners leverage Stagwell’s technology, data analytics, insights and strategic consulting solutions to drive measurable results and optimize return on marketing investment for more than 1,700 clients worldwide. Learn more at



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