Monday, September 25, 2023

Linksys Announces the Next Step in Home and Small Office WiFi Mesh Optimization

 IRVINE, Calif. - Wednesday, 20. September 2023

Cognitive Mesh Brings “Thinking Technology” to Home WiFi

(BUSINESS WIRE) -- Linksys®, an iconic Home and Small Office connectivity company, announces in a statement of direction its new “Cognitive Mesh” capability currently shipping in the Velop Pro 6E and in the coming months on the Velop Pro 7, Velop Micro Router 6, Velop Micro Mesh 6.

“Cognitive” in the technology space refers to “thinking technologies” that can deterministically, either by User selection or automation, solve problems. Linksys Cognitive Mesh in Phase 1 of its implementation, developed entirely based on User input and feedback, focuses on User selection for the following:

    Lightning-fast setup of a WiFi Multi-Mesh Node System (up to 3 Nodes completed in less than 10 minutes)*

    User selectable WiFi Mesh Network topology for their Home or Small Office (Mesh Node direct connection to Router or Mesh Node Daisy-Chain connection to Router)

    User selectable WiFi Mesh Network operating mode for their Home or Small Office (Collaboration, Streaming, Gaming, or Internet of Things (IoT))

Phase 1 of Linksys Cognitive Mesh will be completed by the end of this calendar year and is purpose-built for products using Qualcomm® Immersive Home and Qualcomm® Networking Pro Series platforms that can operate in 2.4 GHz, 5.0 GHz, and 6 GHz WiFi bands. Linksys Cognitive Mesh is not meant to interoperate with Linksys Intelligent Mesh and should not be co-mingled in the same Mesh Network. Phase 2 of Linksys Cognitive Mesh is currently under development and includes new patentable methods to reduce the cost of powering and operating a Whole Home WiFi Mesh System as well as automatic optimization of WiFi Mesh System operating modes.

“WiFi Mesh Systems are rapidly becoming mainstream for Home and Small Office Networks,” said Timothy Tsai – Director of Product Development at Linksys. “To engineer the simplicity needed for Mesh Networks to succeed the semi-static methods of the past had to be scrapped in favor of the near real-time Cognitive or thinking technologies that are re-defining the present and will define the future.”

About Linksys

“At Linksys, we engineer simplicity so that you never experience complexity.” Linksys is an iconic brand celebrating its 35th year of innovation in Home and Small Office connectivity. Linksys has many industry firsts to its credit and are proven experts at delivering simple, fast, reliable, and affordable products for the Home and Small Office where there is “No IT.”

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*Setup times may vary for your unique home network.


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