Thursday, September 28, 2023

LESSENGERS Begins Volume Production of 800G AOCs and Transceivers – Incorporating “Direct Optical Wiring” Technology – for AI/ML Clusters and Hyperscale Data Center Operations

GLASGOW, Scotland - Wednesday, 27. September 2023

Latest advance in optical component design offers several operational and economic benefits.

(BUSINESS WIRE)--LESSENGERS Inc., a provider of innovative optical components based on its patented “direct optical wiring” (DOW) technology, today announced that its new 800G transceiver product (800G OSFP SR8), will begin volume production in the Q4 2023 and begin shipping to customers. DOW is a polymer-based air-cladded waveguide technology that is particularly useful for optical interconnects in the data center and high-performance computing environments.

DOW connects the active photonic devices such as laser diodes or photodiodes directly to the optical fiber, providing high-density and high-speed optical signal connectivity between switches, servers, and other devices within the data center or HPC clusters. This capability enables several operational efficiencies and economic benefits, such as:

No active alignment – cost-competitive optical coupling

No use of multi-channel lens assembly – near-zero optical crosstalk

No air gap – dramatically lower reflection noise

High degree of freedom in heat sink design – much lower junction temperature

These attributes make the 800G OSFP SR8 and other products for high-speed active optical cables and transceivers high-performance, highly reliable and cost compelling.

“Demand for optical connectivity in AI Clusters is accelerating innovation”, commented Dr. Vladimir Kozlov, CEO and Founder of LightCounting. “New designs of pluggable and co-packaged optical engines rely on high density parallel connectivity, which need new packaging and fiber-coupling methods. Direct optical wiring, developed by LESSENGERS, is a great example of such new approaches.”

“We are proud to announce the volume production of DOW-based 800G AOCs and transceivers,” said Chongcook Kim, CEO at LESSENGERS. “The use of DOW technology enables us to achieve high-performance and low-noise optics by its nature allowing us to streamline the production process flow with complete automation.”

LESSENGERS is participating at next week’s European Conference on Optical Communications (ECOC) in Glasgow at the SEC – at MR31 and Booth #306.


LESSENGERS is an innovative optical solution provider, powered by its patent DOW technology, which enables cost effective direct optical coupling without the use of lens optics. This provides the most suitable solution for data center applications such as 800G/1.6T optical transceivers, active optical cables (AOCs), on-board, near packaged, or co-packaged optics.


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Taeyong Kim, Ph.D

Chief Marketing Officer


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