Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Wemade Applies Extensive Skill Balance Update for MIR4

 SEOUL, South Korea - Tuesday, 19. September 2023 AETOSWire 

Combat skill adjustments for all classes - Warrior, Lancer, Sorcerer, Taoist, Arbalist, Darkist

Magic Square and Secret Peak expanded to 10th floor, featuring monsters of up to level 175

Holding two events, "Hunting Hour 7-Day Check-in" and "Yiun’s 14-Day Martial Art Log"


(BUSINESS WIRE) -- Wemade announced an extensive skill balance update for its blockbuster MMORPG MIR4 on September 19th.

The update contained adjustments for combat skills of all classes, including added HP recovery effect for the Warrior class, increased invincible time for the Lancer, added vitality recovery for the Sorcerer, increased enemy debilitation RES reduction for the Taoist, added evade cooldown reset with certain chances for the Arbalist, and added vitality recovery for the Darkist in Asura state.

Along with these adjustments, the highest floors for Magic Square and Secret Peak have also been expanded to the 10th floor. This floor can be entered through expedition, and features monsters of up to level 175. Players can compete against players from other servers in the same region and complete newly added missions to obtain various items including "Epic Moonlight Stone" and "Legendary Darkened Enhancement Stone."

And the 13th boss raid "Frothing Sagittarion" has also been updated for all players within the same region to enjoy. 15 players can form a raid party and defeat the level 190 boss "Frothing Sagittarion" to obtain items such as "Epic Dragonsteel Box" and "Epic Divine Dragon's Dragon Artifact Enhancement Stone."

In celebration of this update, MIR4 will be holding the "Hunting Hour 7-Day Check-in" event until October 3rd. Players will be given items such as "Legendary Hunting Potion" and "Legendary Precision Potion" in this event. And until October 16th, items like "Legendary Blue Dragon Statue" and "Epic Divine Dragon's Enhancement Stone" will be available from the "Yiun’s 14-Day Martial Art Log" event.

From My Battle, To Our War! Detailed information on MIR4 can be found on the official website.


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