Sunday, October 22, 2023

Say Goodbye to Consumer Bill Shock with CSG Bill Explainer

  Solution transforms billing and customer experience with generative AI capabilities that personalize CX at scale


(BUSINESS WIRE)--CSG® (NASDAQ: CSGS) empowers companies to build unforgettable digital experiences with consumers and businesses alike. To help businesses achieve a new level of customer trust, CSG today launched CSG Bill Explainer, an AI-driven solution that enhances consumer bill comprehension with intuitive billing explanation. Designed specifically to anticipate and prevent bill shock, Bill Explainer taps the power of generative AI by leveraging Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service to personalize consumer bill insights across thousands of complex billing scenarios. Using Azure OpenAI’s contextual, natural language abilities, Bill Explainer delivers proactive communications to help consumers easily understand what’s changed in their bill so there are no surprises. Together with Microsoft, CSG is helping companies scalably call out the what and the why behind bill changes and create personalized experiences that reduce confusion for customers and increase long-term loyalty.

“Call center volumes skyrocket when consumers encounter unexpected changes in their bills, which can cause significant challenges for businesses,” said Eric Carrasquilla, President, Customer Engagement, CSG. “Bill shock leads to increased costs and poor customer sentiment, posing a heightened risk for customer churn. CSG Bill Explainer solves this challenge by using industry-leading, generative AI capabilities from Microsoft to predict your customers’ questions before they even know it and proactively address those concerns, so they don’t need to call customer support.”

CSG Bill Explainer empowers businesses to:

  • Deflect Call Center Volumes with Improved Digital Experiences – Prevent bill-related calls with timely notifications and personalized, AI-driven insights into what’s changed in a customer’s bill and why, helping to increase positive consumer sentiment and decrease call center costs. Delivered across all devices – desktop, mobile and tablets – consumers get a seamless digital experience that puts an end to bill shock.
  • Automate Billing Operations – Do more with customer interactions by automating data ingestion and detection of bill changes to deliver AI-driven, personalized communications that increase retention and successful payment through transparent billing explanations.
  • Integrate and Scale Securely – Seamlessly connect existing billing stack and consolidate communications channels to reduce costs, backed by the data privacy and security of Azure OpenAI Service.

“This integration between Microsoft and CSG is a natural extension of our deep relationship to continue delivering innovative solutions,” said John Montgomery, CVP, AI Platform, Microsoft. “By harnessing the capabilities of Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service, we’re empowering companies to deliver more personalized experiences that build deeper, longer-lasting connections. Together, Microsoft and CSG are helping businesses deliver customer experiences that not only meet the data security and privacy requirements of today but also those of tomorrow.”

“CSG Bill Explainer uses generative AI in service of very well-defined business goals, in this case helping customers avoid costly agent interactions by using self-service,” said Keith Dawson, VP and Research Director of CX at Ventana Research. “This creates an opportunity for companies to build trust and provide transparency in the billing process, which has the opportunity to increase customer loyalty, guide the agent and customer experience and ultimately open additional paths to revenue growth.”

CSG Bill Explainer offers a transformative approach to customer bill comprehension, enabling companies across telecommunications, financial services and healthcare to mitigate call center costs, enhance customer experiences and strengthen customer loyalty. With intelligent, generative AI technology and a comprehensive suite of capabilities, Bill Explainer is set to revolutionize the way businesses engage with their customers and create more seamless digital experiences.

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