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LambdaTest Launches New Auto-Heal Feature to Enhance Test Reliability

 NOIDA, India & SAN FRANCISCO - Friday, 20. October 2023 AETOSWire

LambdaTest’s Auto-Heal aims to streamline software testing by automatically adapting tests to changes in applications, offering reliability, eliminating flaky tests, and reducing maintenance, providing a solution to common challenges in automated testing.

(BUSINESS WIRE) -- LambdaTest, a leading cloud-based unified testing platform introduced the Auto-Heal feature, designed to streamline the software testing process. This new feature allows users to automatically adjust tests in response to changes in their applications, reducing downtime and increasing efficiency.

By providing reliable and accurate testing procedures—an essential necessity in today's fast-paced development environment—automated testing methods have significantly accelerated software development. However, these tools aren't without their challenges. Flaky tests, which produce inconsistent results, and unexpected failures can hinder the reliability of automated testing, while the constant need for maintenance consumes valuable resources. These issues facilitate the need for solutions that can mitigate these challenges and optimize the potential of automated testing in software development.

LambdaTest's Auto-Healing feature automatically addresses these very issues and failures. It aims to improve the reliability of test suites by handling unexpected issues, reducing test flakiness, and enhancing test reliability. LambdaTest collects element properties during test creation and execution to adapt tests as the user interface (UI) evolves with development. Smart element locators offer an agnostic approach to detecting changes in applications, allowing users to test modern app frameworks with ease. The feature combines human knowledge and AI to enhance test execution confidence and create more robust tests.

"Our Auto-Heal feature represents a significant advancement for development and testing teams, streamlining processes and enhancing reliability,” said Mayank Bhola, Co-Founder and Head of Product at LambdaTest. “With Auto-Heal, teams can save time and reduce manual errors while achieving comprehensive test coverage. It's in line with our commitment to providing advanced, user-friendly solutions for software development and testing.”

LambdaTest’s Auto-Heal delivers significant time savings through more reliable tests that can reduce maintenance by up to 90%. It also provides effortless test coverage for various UI frameworks, including dynamic applications, and enhances test reliability by eliminating the potential for human errors during manual updates.

The LambdaTest Auto-Heal feature is now available, offering a transformative approach to software development and testing.

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