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Radisys Introduces Engage Digital Platform for Service Providers to Monetize 4G, 5G and Fixed Network Investments in New Ways

 An enhanced cloud communication platform for differentiated AI-based digital engagements and immersive communication services based on Radisys’ leading media processing technology

HILLSBORO, Ore.-Wednesday 23 February 2022 [ AETOS Wire ]

(BUSINESS WIRE) -- Radisys® Corporation, a global leader of open telecom solutions, today announced the availability of the Radisys Engage Digital Platform (EDP), an open cloud communication platform that ushers in a new generation of programmable communications services including conversational AI applications, video-based customer care, hyper-personalized social engagements, and Industry 5.0 applications enabling human-machine collaboration. Service providers can use the platform to quickly and profitably tailor solutions to meet the needs of multiple enterprise and consumer segments. Radisys’ EDP is the first cloud communication platform that combines: low-code / no-code applications and solution building blocks for the fastest time-to-market; a microservices-based architecture that can be distributed across public and private data centers and edge clouds; and a business model that accelerates and maximizes return on network investments.

Engage Digital Platform makes service providers’ network capabilities, reliability, and analytics accessible to business analysts, IT managers and application developers. This service enablement approach provides unparalleled application control for innovation, adaptability and micro-customization. Datacenter-to-edge deployment flexibility enhances data and business process privacy, delivers telco-grade reliability, and reduces latency for optimal performance for applications where milliseconds matter.

News Highlights

With the rapid adoption of broadband networks such as 5G, service providers are positioned to leverage a new programmable communications paradigm to facilitate a transformative wave of innovation in real-time communications, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, and edge cloud applications. Additionally, media processing technologies such as conversational AI, computer vision for video analytics, virtual assistants, AR/VR, LTE-M IoT, and more are gaining traction. Radisys’ experience in providing high-performance media processing for nearly 200 wireless operators and thousands of enterprise applications through reseller and independent software vendor partners positions Engage Digital Platform as a leading foundation for these services.

Radisys’ EDP provides tools that abstract the complexities of underlying network infrastructure. As a low code/no-code solution, Radisys’ EDP is accessible by anyone, lowering the bar for testing new services and lowering costs associated with delivering tailored services designed for just one subscriber or for a hundred thousand end users. In addition, service providers can leverage the EDP to open their networks to Artificial Intelligence, Speech Analytics, and Computer Vision innovations and create unique applications such as self-service video bots for customer engagement, predictive video surveillance, in-call virtual assistant on video conferencing calls, and immersive AR/VR applications that will attract and retain consumers and businesses.

Radisys is introducing first-of-its-kind capacity-based pricing for programmable voice and video services. Compared to the usage-based models traditionally employed in the market, Radisys’ model allows service providers to capture higher profits faster with greater flexibility in how they price, package and bundle their offers. Additionally, this opens the door to new applications of video calling and speech processing that are cost-prohibitive under the traditional market business model.

Key additional features for Radisys’ EDP include:

Support for high performance and scalable low latency communications required for the new generation of edge and private network applications. Low-footprint services can be deployed via automation based on the location that is best suited to the performance, security and cost profile of the application.

Built-in web-scale and telco-compliance mandates to provide horizontal scale and performance supporting SLAs that public cloud-only services can’t match.

White-label platform to allow network operators to offer brand-focused messaging

The Engage Digital Platform is the foundation for Radisys’ applications, including the AI-powered Intelligent IVR, and Engage Speak2Bot.

Swapan Rajdev, Co-Founder & CTO at Haptik, said: “The future of commerce is voice and partnering with Radisys gives us the opportunity to power hundreds of businesses with a cutting-edge AI-driven voice solution that helps them deliver richer and more intuitive customer experiences. The Engage Digital platform is built to handle the rising demand for voice-based digital customer interactions—cost-effectively. Within our first few calls, we knew that Radisys would be the right partner for us. Team Radisys is incredibly strong in terms of their knowledge about voice-based technology, enabling us to deliver the highest quality of voice-based AI solutions to our customers globally. We were also impressed with their customer support team – Radisys is very prompt and offers best-in-class support whenever needed.”

Alan Quayle, Founder, TADHack and TADHack Summit, said: “Service providers are adopting cloud-based programmable communications to deliver new, compelling, and highly-customized services to consumers and businesses. Advancements in real-time speech and video processing / analytics enable service providers to regain revenues being lost to cloud-based competitors. Radisys’ easy-to-use platform enables service providers, their partners, and their customers to cost-effectively create new, immersive, and engaging communications experiences.”

Al Balasco, Head of Media, Core and Applications Business at Radisys, said: “Network investments, customer relationships, and communication data insights are valuable assets for communication service providers to devise new digital services. Radisys’ vision is to apply over 20 years of network and media processing expertise to help our customers exploit those assets to create unique applications that serve their customers’ exact requirements and lead to profitable customer and supplier outcomes. Engage Digital Platform unlocks that value to meet the needs of one, one million or 100 million of their customers.”

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Meet with Radisys at MWC Barcelona

Experience Radisys’ Engage Digital Platform, including live demonstrations of the EDP Portal and the Engage Video Assistant, at MWC Barcelona, Stand 5B81. To schedule a meeting with Radisys’ digital engagement experts, contact

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