Monday, February 21, 2022

Poly’s All Together Campaign Delivers an Inclusive Vision for Meeting Equality

Poly’s AI-powered solutions and services deliver meeting equality to hybrid workforces, making it possible for a business to take place everywhere

Dubai, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES-Monday 21 February 2022 [ AETOS Wire ]

Poly (NYSE: POLY) introduced its new “All Together” campaign that inspires businesses to evolve beyond the limitations of physical space, and empower teams to work together as one, wherever in the world they may be. The campaign will run across digital and social platforms to demonstrate the potential of what is possible when every individual on a team can be seen and heard with clarity.

Poly is building a library of resources including toolkits, webinars, and infographics that help business and IT leaders transform inequitable hybrid interactions into seamless collaborative work experiences. The first is a new ebook launching today “Meeting Equality -- the Key to Your Hybrid Work Environment”, which outlines the steps organizations can take to live up to the workplace needs of 2022 and beyond.

“In the blink of an eye, the fundamentals of business communication have transformed. Where we once had face-to-face meetings and firm handshakes, we now live in a world of virtual meetings,” said John Goodwin, senior vice president, public affairs, Poly. “Poly ensures that everyone can be part of the conversation, on any platform, from anywhere, with total meeting equality. We help businesses erase distance and amplify the exchange of ideas to the point that no one can remember whether they were shared on a screen or in the room.”

As the world and the way people work has changed, collaboration technology has unlocked the opportunity to level the playing field and ensure everyone can be part of the conversation. Poly understands that no one can afford to miss a good idea, which is why Poly and its partners deliver inclusive technology that brings people closer together through exceptional hardware, software, services, and analytics. With intelligent features such as NoiseBlockAI and Acoustic Fence technologies, our video and audio solutions make connecting intuitive, frictionless, and effortless.

Poly’s innovative products and services work seamlessly together, with our cloud-based video conferencing partners, to deliver a comprehensive solution – one that offers flexibility and choice. Altogether, Poly, its partners, solutions, and services are contributing to the evolution of hybrid work by implementing tools that will enable a more equitable meeting experience.

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Poly (NYSE: POLY) creates premium audio and video products so you can have your best meeting -- anywhere, anytime, every time. Our headsets, video and audio-conferencing products, desk phones, analytics software and services are beautifully designed and engineered to connect people with incredible clarity. They're pro-grade, easy to use and work seamlessly with all the best video and audio-conferencing services. Poly MeetingAI delivers a broadcast quality video conferencing experience with Poly DirectorAI technology which uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to deliver real-time automatic transitions, framing and tracking, while NoiseBlockAI and Acoustic Fence technologies block-out unwanted background noise. With Poly (Plantronics, Inc. – formerly Plantronics and Polycom), you'll do more than just show up, you'll stand out. For more information visit

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