Sunday, May 31, 2015

Social Support in Al Ain Launches “My Secure and Stable Marital Life”

ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates - Tuesday, May 26th 2015 [ME NewsWire]

The Al Ain Social Support Center recently launched an awareness program entitled “My Secure and Stable Marital Life” in a bid to strengthen the essential foundation for community safety. The program strengthens the efforts of Abu Dhabi Police in maintaining family stability and in enhancing the leading role of the Social Support Center. 

According to Colonel Ali Salem Al Badi, Director of the Social Support Center in Al Ain, “The program aims to spread the positive culture in society through introducing the fundamental aspects of building a successful marital life and a happy family. The program embodies the keenness of the police to enhance understanding between family members and to further strengthen social stability.”

He said that marital life is a social and economic institution that plays an important role in building and maintaining a stable society. By fostering and establishing positive marital relationships, future generations will be strengthened and more capable of bearing any difficulties that they may face. “A happy marriage is based off of stability, tranquility, communication, and compassion. A secure and stable family life is the cornerstone of a cohesive community,” he said.

Colonel Al Badi added that the program also aims to identify the duties and responsibilities of each partner in the marriage. The program familiarizes the husband and wife with the necessary skills and the means to handle marital problems in a manner that prevents the negative impact it has on the family and society.

The program, delivered through a series of lectures from specialists of the Abu Dhabi Police, is designed for women. As wives and mothers play key roles in securing and protecting their families from social fluctuations, discussions will include topics such as: the culture of marital construction, the keys to a proper married life, things that destroy a marriage, and ways to renew marital life in a manner that contributes to a stable family and the development of society.

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