Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Lessengers Announces Industry-First Partially Retimed 800G Optical Transceivers for AI/ML Workloads

 Company will unveil a comprehensive portfolio of 800G Optics for AI/ML at OFC 2024 in San Diego

(BUSINESS WIRE) -- LESSENGERS Inc., a provider of innovative optical components based on its patented “direct optical wiring” (DOW) technology, today announced a comprehensive portfolio of 800G optics designed for AI/ML workloads in hyperscale data centers. Lessengers is adding partially retimed capability to its 800G transceiver product portfolio, which in one product entails an integrated DSP chip on the transmitter side.

This capability will enable a wide range of interoperability with other pluggable transceivers and lower power consumption due to the use of a half retimer. At OFC 2024 (booth 5200), the company will highlight the launch of industry-first 800G OSFP Linear Receive Optical Transceiver.

Lessengers™ AI/ML product now features the following integrated retimer electronics along with existing fully retimed optics:

Linear drive - linear pluggable optics (LPO)

Linear receive - half-retimed linear optics (HALO) or linear receive optics (LRO)

800G Linear Receive Optical Transceiver now offers:

Lower power consumption – less than 9 W for an 800G (2 × SR4) OSFP

IEEE 802.3 and CMIS 5.0 or later compliant

8 × 112 Gb/s PAM4 on both the electrical host receiver and optical line transmitter interfaces

A half retimer chip integrated in the transmit path from the electrical input to the optical line side output for enhanced signal retiming and equalization.

All of Lessengers products are based on the company’s patented DOW technology, which is a polymer-based air-cladded waveguide technology that is particularly useful for optical interconnects in the data center and high-performance computing environments.

“Demand for 800G SR8 transceivers exceeded all expectations in 2023 and more than 3 million units of these modules will be shipped in 2024”, commented Dr. Vladimir Kozlov, CEO and founder of LightCounting Market Research. “Improvements in power efficiency of optical transceivers are critical for scaling AI clusters from tens of thousands of GPUs now to hundreds of thousands in 2025-2026. All solutions, including LPO and HALO designs, are being evaluated by the leading customers for future deployments”.

“We are excited to demonstrate at OFC our latest advances in the field of 800G optics, which will be crucial to improving the processing of AI/ML workloads,” said Chongcook Kim, CEO at Lessengers. “We look forward to working with our partners and customers throughout the hyperscale and supercomputing ecosystems in order to realize these gains.”

Lessengers is exhibiting at the Optical Fiber Communications Conference (OFC) at the San Diego Convention Center, March 26 – 28, 2024, in booth 5200.

About Lessengers

Lessengers is an innovative optical solution provider, powered by its patent DOW technology, which enables cost effective direct optical coupling without the use of lens optics. This provides the most suitable solution for data center applications such as 800G/1.6T optical transceivers, active optical cables (AOCs), on-board, near packaged, or co-packaged optics.


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Taeyong Kim, Ph.D

Chief Marketing Officer



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