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Moscow Fashion Week Spotlights Modest Fashion in March 2024

 From March 1 to 8, 2024, Moscow Fashion Week (MFW) showcased a significant emphasis on Modest Fashion, drawing inspiration from Islamic traditions and principles. This international platform presented the work of over 120 designers hailing from Russia and 10 countries worldwide, including Egypt, Tunisia, Indonesia, China, and South Africa, showcasing a diverse range of creative expressions grounded in modesty.

Russian brands ZUHAT and MEASURE from the Russian Muslim region of Dagestan, along with the Indonesian IRMASARI JOEDAWINATA, successfully presented collections that reflected the essence of Islamic modesty. MEASURE reinterprets Muslim sartorial culture with nuanced layering and rich textures, while ZUHAT takes cues from vintage photographs. IRMASARI JOEDAWINATA’s ocean-inspired line mirrors the rising modest fashion trend.

Center stage has also featured Arab designers such as Tunisia’s Anissa Aida, and Egypt's Alia Abaza and Waseem Khadra, each introducing culturally rich collections. Anissa Aida harmonizes Arab silhouettes with architectural finesse, and Alia Abaza champions tranquility through timeless designs. Waseem Khadra, on the other hand, presents pieces inspired by societal diversity, prioritizing comfort and integrity.

Set against the backdrop of Europe’s largest city, MFW attracted global fashion enthusiasts, media, and celebrities alike. Among the stars, Italian cinema legend Ornella Muti was present, showing support for her daughter and influencer Naike Rivelli, who dazzled on the runway for the Russian label Maison ESVE. Chinese actress Lily Ji, famed for her roles in Pacific Rim: Uprising and Skiptrace, introduced her own collection of traditional vintage centuries-old Chinese gowns, celebrating her cultural legacy amidst Moscow's fashion festivities. Notable attendees list included Turkish actress Gizem Karaca (Safir).

MFW kicked off with Lena Karnauhova’s asymmetrical collection inspired by seasonal transitions, followed by emerging Moscow-based label BITTE__RUHE which embraced the enchanting "mermaid core" aesthetic with its ethereal collection. Additionally, the Abzaeva brand delved into Buryatia's nomadic culture, while the KUZINA brand championed inclusivity by featuring models with Down syndrome, broadening the horizons of fashion inclusivity.

Moscow Fashion Week goes beyond showcasing designer collections; it is a nexus for over 300 boutiques from Russia to explore new talents in a showroom setting. The event, streamed live to an audience spanning 50 countries, garners attention from over 70,000 spectators and 5 million digital viewers each season, complemented by a variety of lectures, masterclasses, and areas designated for local brand exhibitions.

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