Tuesday, November 21, 2023

LEVA Hotels Announces Strategic Zimbabwe Expansion in Partnership with Troika Design Workshop (TDW) and Turnbury Property Developers.

The UAE-based hospitality brand LEVA Hotels has announced two visionary projects in Zimbabwe as part of its expansion drive. This ambitious project, scheduled for completion within two years, is a collaborative effort with Troika Design Workshop (TDW), a leading consulting firm specializing in architecture, quantity surveying, and engineering, and Turnbury Property Developers (TPD), an esteemed real estate development company dedicated to community shaping. While TDW and TPD spearhead the property development, LEVA will manage the 120-unit residential complex, LEVA Hotel Residences, and a four-star LEVA hotel with 180 rooms in the Mount Pleasant suburb.

“We are thrilled to announce our expansion into Zimbabwe, a country with immense potential for the hospitality industry,” said J.S. Anand, Founder and CEO of LEVA Hotels and Resorts. “Our two greenfield projects in Harare will offer guests a unique and memorable experience, and we are confident that they will be a valuable addition to the Zimbabwean hospitality landscape.”

The strategic partnership with Troika Design Workshop (TDW) and Turnbury Property Developers aligns seamlessly with LEVA's long-term vision of fostering growth and supporting/boosting local businesses and talents within the region. This collaboration is characterized by shared values, a commitment to excellence, and a unified vision for sustainable development, serving as the cornerstone for LEVA Hotels' involvement in these greenfield projects.

Sustainable Hospitality to Attract Modern Travelers to Zimbabwe

Unlike many other African countries, Zimbabwe boasts of a world-class tourism infrastructure and has some of the most luxurious hotels and lodges in the Southern African region. LEVA Hotels is well-positioned to capitalize on Zimbabwe's growing tourism demand. The four-star 180-room hotel and the 120-unit LEVA Hotel Residences at Mount Pleasant will incorporate LEVA Hotels’ key brand design elements, brought to life by TDW's innovative approach in architecture and engineering, coupled with Turnbury's expertise in real estate development. Set to launch within two years, the property is set to offer a fresh, vibrant, and innovative service in the country.

LEVA Hotels Eyes Further Expansion in Africa

Committed to making hospitality more accessible for budget-conscious travellers through its unique business design. LEVA Hotels is confident that its unique approach to hospitality, which combines affordability, quality, and a focus on local culture, will resonate with travellers from all over the world. The brand looks forward to playing a pivotal role in the development of Africa's tourism landscape and making the continent a more desirable tourist destination for everyone.

About Troika Design Workshop

Troika Design Workshop (TDW), under the leadership of Phillip Kudzayi as Director, stands out as a prominent full- service consulting firm, offering expertise in Architecture, Quantity Surveying, and Engineering. Established in 2015, TDW has left an indelible mark on the city of Harare through its involvement in noteworthy and high-profile developments.

About Turnbury Property Developers

Led by Simanga Madhlabuta, Turnbury is a distinguished real estate development company committed to shaping communities and creating lasting value that concerns itself with opportunities within the property sector. Turnbury was born out of Troika Design Workshop (TDW) in 2019 to separate construction contracts and property development pursuits from the core consulting operations.

About LEVA Hotels

Founded in 2019, LEVA is a dynamic lifestyle hotel concept created to offer a fresh and more accessible perspective to the hospitality industry. Under the stewardship of JS Anand, LEVA Hotels offers modern convenience and traditional hospitality together. Recognizing its guests as tech-savvy explorers, the hotel brand delivers an experience that is cutting-edge, convenient, and contemporary to those traveling for both work and play. LEVA’s flagship property LEVA Mazaya Centre – Dubai, has been ranked number one spot on TripAdvisor - just three years after opening. LEVA’s hip dining space, which is managed by Seven’s Bakers Kitchen, features rustic benches and retro baking equipment that’s in perfect harmony with LEVA’s vision of a contemporary hotel concept tailored for today’s travelers. For more information, visit www.stayleva.com




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