Friday, April 28, 2023

JCPP Launches New Online Japan Art Marketplace, Showcasing Captivating Works by Emerging Artists from Japan

 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Japan Cultural Promotion Project (JCPP) opened "GREEN PHEASANT" - a Japanese online marketplace showcasing and selling a curated collection of art, crafts, and collectibles that fuse traditional Japanese culture with cutting-edge technology, shaping the future of artistic traditions in April 2023.

The lineup will include art pieces by previous award-winning artists as well as those who grand in the "Japanese Wabunka Grand Prix'' in the future. "GREEN PHEASANT" offers art pieces that are built-to-order for a one-of-a-kind experience.

*Wabunka…Japanese culture

"GREEN PHEASANT" is operated by Re-Invention Co.,Ltd. on behalf of JCPP as a commissioned project.

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About Japan Cultural Promotion Project (JCPP)

It's a General Incorporated Association with the collaboration of influential individuals from various fields who support Japanese traditional culture. Its goal is to create a sustainable framework for the development of contemporary high technology and artwork that embodies Japanese traditional culture and fosters future traditions, through partnerships among companies, associations, and governments.

About the Japanese Wabunka* Grand Prix

It was established in 2020, is a prestigious award that celebrates outstanding Japanese traditional culture artworks created by domestic companies, organizations, and individuals (regardless of nationality or place of residence). With a rigorous and competitive selection process, the candidates are reviewed by renowned experts from various fields in Japan.

Final Judging in 2022


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