Friday, April 21, 2023

CSG Wins Business Impact Honor at TM Forum Catalyst Awards


(BUSINESS WIRE) -- CSG® (NASDAQ: CSGS) today announced that it was selected as a winner in the 2023 TM Forum Catalyst Awards. The awards celebrate the most successful innovation of the telecoms industry, proof-of-concepts for industry standards, and impact on sustainability goals. Conducted in participation with Microsoft, Nokia, and Vodafone, the CSG Channels & Markets Phase II project was recognized as an Outstanding Catalyst for Business Impact.

“Dynamic marketplaces present many opportunities for CSPs in B2B and B2B2X sectors, where cross-functional collaboration has become the new currency for success,” said Greg Tilton, VP of catalog, quote & order, CSG. “Collaboration is critical, which is why CSG joined forces with Microsoft, Nokia and Vodaphone to enable CSPs to capture new market segments beyond connectivity and thrive. We're honored to receive this recognition, and I extend a big thank you to our partners for the success we’ve achieved with the TM Forum Channel & Markets Phase II Catalyst."

The Catalyst project proves the capabilities of TM Forum Open APIs to support exposure across all channels for providers in and outside a B2B2X ecosystem. It simplifies the creation of dynamic B2B2X marketplaces so that CSPs can seamlessly bundle and market products that tap the powerful capabilities of third-party suppliers. Thanks to its zero-code design, it also enables a faster time to market, providing a competitive advantage in a dynamic field. This second phase of the Catalyst introduces new configurable components to TM Forum Open APIs with four main objectives:

Remove catalog barriers to unlock powerful new B2B2X business models.

Introduce configurable domain-specific service specifications to support connectivity and non-connectivity services that CSPs want to add.

Develop an API-powered model for assisted and self-service channels to co-exist.

Provide zero-code design-time and prove commercially viable run-time experience.

“CSPs today need partners to elevate their offerings, drive growth, and prepare for the ever more competitive future,” said Keith Sutton, CTO media and communications service line, industry solutions transformation, Microsoft. “Our catalyst project with CSG, Nokia, and Vodafone provides an end-to-end solution that not only lowers costs and shortens time to market but also allows CSPs to be more agile and future-forward in their customer interactions. It is a testament to our collective commitment to help telecom players build new digital marketplaces to thrive and succeed today while driving their future growth.”

TM Forum announced the Catalyst Award winners during Digital Transformation World Asia. Honoring the innovation and impact of its members in the industry, TM Forum acknowledged a total of four Catalyst proof-of-concept projects as ‘Outstanding Catalysts’ for their significant contributions to the acceleration of digital transformation across the industry.

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