Friday, March 24, 2023

Rimini Street Formally Launches Rimini ONE™, an End-to-End Outsourcing Solution for Enterprise Applications, Databases and Technology Software

 LAS VEGAS - Friday, 24. March 2023

Over 100 clients around the world are already leveraging Rimini ONE to improve and simplify system operations, reduce total cost of ownership, eliminate staffing challenges, extend the life of current releases for up to a guaranteed additional 15 years with no software vendor-required upgrades, and reallocate resources to higher value projects


(BUSINESS WIRE)--Rimini Street, Inc. (Nasdaq: RMNI), a global provider of end-to-end enterprise software support, products and services, the leading third-party support provider for Oracle and SAP software, and a Salesforce and AWS partner, today announced the formal launch of Rimini ONE™, its outsourcing service program designed to offer a comprehensive set of unified, integrated services to run, manage, support, customize, configure, connect, protect, monitor, and optimize enterprise applications, databases and technology software.

“We developed Rimini ONE in response to clients requesting a fully outsourced solution for their enterprise software with the proven, industry-leading service commitments and guarantees, global capability of more than 800 staff engineers, and comprehensive offering only available from Rimini Street,” said Dave Rowe, chief product officer and EVP, global transformation at Rimini Street. “By unifying our unique support, product and service solutions into one comprehensive program that is easy to transition to, we are helping our clients simplify the complexity of managing mission-critical enterprise software, extend its life and value, and enable clients to accelerate the delivery of new innovations to drive competitive advantage and growth.”

End-to-End Outsourcing Solution from ONE Trusted Partner

With Rimini ONE, clients can fully outsource the support and management of their entire enterprise software stack to Rimini Street. Rimini ONE shifts full responsibility for the operation, support, security and integration of a client’s enterprise software to Rimini Street and frees up clients to focus more of their budget and resources on higher-value projects that deliver new innovations and accelerate business value.

Rimini ONE brings together Rimini Street’s expanded, full suite of support, products and services for SAP, Oracle E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft, Siebel, JD Edwards and other enterprise applications, proprietary and open-source databases and technology software such as middleware, integration, security, data warehouse/lakes, AI, reporting and analytics.

Rimini ONE’s end-to-end, unified and integrated solutions immediately available include:

Rimini Support™: Award-winning, mission-critical support for Oracle, SAP, proprietary and open-source databases and technology software — delivered 24/7/365 with a guaranteed 10-minute response time SLA for critical cases

Rimini Manage™: Managed services for application and database software delivered by highly skilled engineers, featuring unlimited service ticket requests and industry-leading SLAs that can resolve IT staffing/skill shortages and provide smoother system operations at predictable, fixed and optimized cost

Rimini Protect™: Innovative managed security solutions for applications, databases and technology infrastructure designed to proactively block unidentified threats and protect against newly identified threats faster than other security options — usually within minutes — without any required code changes to the software being protected

Rimini Connect™: Managed interoperability solutions for browsers, operating systems and email systems that can enable continued utilization of and integration with existing software and infrastructure without the need for expensive system and software upgrades and migrations

Rimini Watch™: Observability solutions that include monitoring and system health check solutions designed to monitor the performance and execution of thousands of processes 24/7/365 and identify potential issues before they happen, avoiding the possibility of system downtime and impact

Rimini Consult™: Professional services available for clients’ enterprise software customization, configuration, implementation, integration, interoperability, migration, staff augmentation and other project needs

Improve and Simplify System Operation

IT executives face vast challenges in operating their complex enterprise software stacks, which can consist of multiple layers of applications, databases and technology, located locally and in the cloud, and are costly and time-consuming to manage. In addition, the burden of managing multiple service vendors is inefficient, expensive and results in service friction and poor outcomes.

IT executives must also address significant risks within their enterprise software landscape, including a shortage of available skilled resources, unpredictable availability of full software vendor support for existing software releases, forced software vendor upgrades and migrations with low or no ROI, continuously evolving security threats, and changing compatibility between software stack components. Mitigating these risks is expensive, takes significant resource time and limits an organization's ability to fund and deliver higher-value projects that drive business results.

“Today’s IT environment is at an inflection point in terms of complexity, becoming ever more costly and resource-intensive to manage and support,” said Dion Hinchcliffe, vice president and principal analyst at Constellation Research. “Organizations are finding that to survive, evolve, and prosper, they require faster, better access to more integrated, complete enterprise IT services at a scale that enables them to move rapidly.”

Rimini ONE addresses these challenges with an easy-to-adopt, comprehensive program at a competitive price from ONE trusted partner, with the following key benefits:

Simple: An easy-to-adopt program shifts all complex system operating and support tasks and responsibilities from the client staff to Rimini Street staff and can significantly reduce the number of different IT service providers to ONE trusted partner

Guaranteed: A no-worry “turnkey” solution from the industry leader in enterprise software support with guaranteed service availability for up to 15 additional years from contracting, with hundreds of expert engineers at the point of service, in local language and time zones and including solutions for faster security remediation, interoperability, future-proofing and modernization

Strategic: A custom Rimini Smart Path™ that frees up significant IT budget and resources to accelerate IT innovation and business value with included roadmapping, strategy and professional services that improves competitive advantage and enables growth

Rimini ONE Addresses Today’s CXO Challenges and Supports Their Strategic Initiatives

In a recent Rimini Street-sponsored survey of more than one thousand CIOs and CTOs, 62% of respondents agree that digital transformation is a high priority for 2023, citing IT expenditure, viability of a successful implementation of technology investments, and hiring and retaining talent as their top three IT challenges.

Rimini ONE resolves these and additional CXO challenges:

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership: Rimini ONE delivers multiple dimensions of significant cost savings, including process and management efficiencies realized by standardizing on a single end-to-end provider, annual support fee savings, and cost avoidance of unnecessary upgrades and migrations just to retain full support

Eliminate Staffing Challenges: Rimini ONE eliminates the difficulty and challenge of recruiting, training and retaining ever-more-costly staff for hard-to-find enterprise software operational and support roles. With Rimini ONE, Rimini Street handles all staffing for the agreed scope of support, products and services. Further, by providing opportunities for client IT staff to focus on delivering new innovation, Rimini ONE enables them to enjoy new challenges and opportunities that reduce turnover

Extend the Life of Current Releases with No Required Vendor Upgrades: Rimini ONE extends the life and value of current, stable software releases to meet specific client needs for up to a guaranteed additional 5, 10, or 15 years — or longer — on current enterprise software releases with no vendor-required upgrades or migrations, to ensure existing robust software investments deliver full ROI and can continue to serve as a solid foundation for core business operations for many years to come

Cloud Migration and Management: Rimini ONE provides cloud migration planning and project management to further reduce total operating costs by eliminating data center hardware and staffing. Rimini Street will also provide cloud management services to ensure maximum cost savings while delivering excellent system performance and reliability at the cloud provider of the client’s choice

Reallocate Resources to Higher Value Projects: Rimini ONE enables clients to reallocate program cost savings and freed up resources to deliver higher-value innovation projects that drive competitive advantage and growth — without having to hire additional IT staff

Proven Rimini ONE Client Results

Rimini ONE is available now and is already in use successfully by over 100 Rimini Street clients, including MYOB, a leading business platform that offers end-to-end business, financial and accounting solutions.

“Rimini ONE enables us to seamlessly manage a whole critical platform, without us having to deal with multiple vendors and raise numerous tickets. This allows our development team to focus on delivering more strategic outcomes for MYOB, as we continue the evolution of our business management platform for local Australian and New Zealand businesses,” said Stefan Vargheese, MYOB engineering manager. “Switching to Rimini ONE has opened up more opportunities for our organization and empowered the team to work more efficiently and more flexibly, as well as save costs. Rimini ONE provides a truly one-of-a-kind solution that’s a must for modern-day organizations.”

Explore Rimini ONE’s comprehensive, trusted and proven family of unified solutions to optimize, evolve and transform your enterprise software and organization to support competitive advantage, profitability and growth. Watch the video of the Rimini ONE formal launch here.

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