Wednesday, March 22, 2023

MIR4 Updates ‘Sabuk Clash’ to Determine the Most Powerful Clan

- Sabuk Clash, tournament style Castle Siege content between the King's clans of all servers

- Given the authority to manage Sabuk Castle territories, adjust taxes, and more upon becoming the Emperor's clan

- Check-in events that offer various items are held to celebrate the update of new content

(BUSINESS WIRE) -- Wemade’s blockbuster MMORPG MIR4 updated Sabuk Clash, clan vs. clan Castle Siege, on March 21st.
 “Sabuk Clash” is a tournament style Castle Siege content where King’s clans from all servers in each region gather in the Domination Server and fight to become the Emperor’s clan. Only Bicheon Castle King’s clans can participate. The winning clan then becomes the Emperor’s clan, which can collect taxes from the Kings of all servers in each region, adjust individual tax rates per server, and is given authority to manage the Sabuk Castle territory.
The first round begins on March 26th at 10 pm, and a new round will be held every week for a total of 3 rounds over 3 weeks. In the first round, a total of 16 clans fight to capture one of the 8 Monoliths placed in 8 areas, and the 8 winning clans advance to the next round. In the second round, 4 out of 8 clans advance to the next round. And out of the 4 clans in the final round, the one clan that succeeds in capturing the Monolith becomes the Emperor’s clan.
The winning clan receives 50,000 clan copper as a reward. The clan master of the winning clan becomes the Emperor and receives the authority to appoint positions, adjust tax rates, give prizes, and more. The Emperor also gets an Emperor-exclusive mount, Sabuk Destrier.
In addition, to celebrate the appointment of a new Emperor, all users in every server receive “Sabuk Emperor’s Common Royal Gift” the day after round 3 ends. The gift contains various items such as “Epic Dragon Oil of Blessing,” “Rare Dragonsteel Box” and more.
MIR4 is hosting two check-in events to celebrate the update of Sabuk Clash. First, the “Luckster’s Sabuk Clash 7-Day Cheer Check-in” event will give users Rare to Legendary “Luckster Potion Box” containing buff potions until April 3rd. Also, from March 27th to April 17th, “Epic Divine Dragon’s Dragon Artifact Enhancement Stone,” “Rare Mystical Piece Box,” and more items required for growth can be obtained from “The Age of War 14-Day Check-in” event.
Meanwhile, the “Darkness 14-day Check-in Event” and the “Divine Dragon’s Blessing Event” will be held until April 3rd to celebrate the update of a new class, Darkist.
From My Battle, To Our War! Detailed information on MIR4 can be found on the official website.
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