Tuesday, October 26, 2021

The Unnamed Society Kicks Off Chapter II of The Book on The Art of Gifting at the 2021 SIAR International Watch Salon in Mexico City

  NEUCHÂTEL, Switzerland-Tuesday 26 October 2021 [ AETOS Wire ]

(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Following through on its unique reinterpretation of Pancho Villa’s Bisley Colt introduced in 2019, The Unnamed Society takes the natural next step with Golden Boy, a reimagination of the legendary Winchester repeating rifle.

Golden Boy is a work of art in form and function that adds a new dimension to a story that remains as fascinating and inspiring as ever, that of the Wild West and how it was won.

A true-to-the-legend reimagination of the iconic lever action rifle as a clock, its original loading and cocking mechanism rethought for winding the timekeeping calibre and setting the time. Holding – and beholding – this uniquely fascinating feat of engineering and artisanship evokes childhood dreams of a far-away age that ultimately helped shape our modern times. It can be displayed to great effect both on a desk, mantelpiece or on the wall.

Golden Boy doesn’t just tell time, but opens our imagination and takes us to where the buffalo once roamed and brave men and women struck out into the unknown, stood their ground and built a new world.

Today, the partnership between The Unnamed Society and the watch company l’Epée 1839 opens the second chapter of its unfolding history. With Golden Boy comes the second stunning creation imagined for those who set the bar for the Art of Gifting a bit higher than the rest.

Nicknamed the ‘Gun that Won the West,’ the Winchester Rifle remains one of the most iconic firearms of all time. For the gun that inspired Golden Boy, the year is 1866. It has the same dimensions and weight as the original, the same feel and heft.

Able to hold 15 rounds before having to reload, the original was not only much more practical than a single-shot rifle, but also allowed for excellent handling and accuracy without any significant training.

The watchmaker captures this defining movement of the hand as it loads the round and prepares the gun for firing: by having the clock mechanism wound – ‘loaded’ – in exactly the same way. By actioning the lever 15 times – as if loading 15 bullets one after the other – the mechanism is fully wound for a 7-day power reserve.

If marvel at the heart of each Golden Boy is only matched by the fact that it only comes as a bespoke creation, completely finished to the owner’s wishes. For the receiver, barrel and tubular magazine, the owner can choose from steel, 18K yellow, rose or white gold, and palladium. For the stock and forestock, from a selection of exotic woods.

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