Monday, October 18, 2021

Food and Technology unite as BreakBread Dubai Launches New Innovative and Intimate Dining Experience

 Dubai, United Arab Emirates-Sunday 17 October 2021 [ AETOS Wire ]

BreakBread announced the launch of its exciting new platform offering a food discovery experience like no other in Dubai. Leveraging the power of technology, BreakBread aims to connect food enthusiasts’, hosts and talented cooks through curated homecooked culinary experiences. 

Hosts will be able to entertain and provide unparalleled culinary experiences for their guests, creating opportunities for people to enjoy, explore and discover the magic of memorable food experiences from the comfort of their homes.  

Romain Ollivier, Co-Founder and CEO of BreakBread, said: “The way in which we go out and dine in restaurants has never really been revolutionized, their concepts may vary but the overall experience is always very similar. BreakBread offers a contemporary twist on the social dining experience, going beyond the traditional and immersing guests in their host’s unique style of cuisine and entertainment”.

It serves as an inter-mediation to connect people who share a passion for food and social dining. The platform is dedicated to creating a world that inspires human connection, redefining the meaning of home. This unparalleled experience sets the stage for the audience to unlock authentic recipes and satisfy their appetite for great food, immersive culture and meeting new people.  

Celebrating the announcement of the new platform, Romain Olliver said, “We come from a community that inspires human connection. By exerting the power of technology, we bring the magic of real-world experiences conveniently within the digital space. BreakBread is a ground-breaking platform that will bring together culinary talents from all over Dubai and unite food enthusiasts to celebrate and break bread together, redefining the sense of home.”

BreakBread is also taking extra steps to ensure the wellbeing of its members by putting safety measures in place for both hosts and guests. The technologies embedded in BreakBread include an easy-to-use booking system enabling users to book experiences online and browse hosts. The straightforward website guides users through registration and the booking process by way of user-friendly interfaces. 

Bookings are available for culinary experiences right now on BreakBread, with hundreds more expected to be announced in the coming months. All experiences are to be hosted via the BreakBread platform, where hosts will be provided access to the online event schedule along with personalized support services for curating, capturing, and sharing their experience with their live audience.

The BreakBread concept is an exciting new addition to the Dubai social scene and will provide real-life food experiences, friendships and moments that last a lifetime. To find out more, visit


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