Monday, September 6, 2021

Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center Licenses Invivoscribe’s LymphoTrack Software for Plug and Play Pipeline Use

 SAN DIEGO-Saturday 4 September 2021 [ AETOS Wire ]

(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Invivoscribe, Inc., a technology-driven international company focused on precision diagnostics with best-in-class products and services that optimize patient care and accelerate drug approvals worldwide, today announced licensing of key software and two new MRD clinical services.

“Clinical labs need to be able to analyze large amounts of clonality and MRD data quickly and easily. Current bioinformatics software generally requires that technicians click through software to analyze data one patient at a time; this is both tedious and prone to human errors. With such a large volume of patients samples we need to get from data to report as easily and accurately as possible,” says Dr. Sean Glenn of Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center, New York.

Invivoscribe’s new pipeline LymphoTrack® Enterprise Software enables high volume customers to meet ever increasing testing demands. Laboratories require a high throughput platform that is both compliant with HIPAA requirements and provides seamless visualization to help interpret the raw data. They also want to be able to mine data from antigen receptor CDR3 regions. We’ve addressed both of these needs with the new pipeline software. The pipeline software for LymphoTrack on MiSeq® is available now with raw data access, CDR3 mining and reporting capabilities.

Tony Lialin, Chief Commercial Officer at Invivoscribe shared, “Software has been a hugely undervalued asset at Invivoscribe. We have developed tools for internal use that our customers would love to have access to in order to streamline their workflow and reduce bottlenecks in testing. This is a bioinformatics package we can commercialize to help support our partners, so we are doing just that.”

The new B-cell MRD Clonality and MyMRD-Myeloid Assays will be offered as LabPMM services using Illumina’s NextSeq® 550Dx and/or NovaSeq®. The release of these clinical services will rapidly follow the release of the LymphoTrack Enterprise Software. The new MRD services will be available for research studies in late 2021 and are slated for CAP/CLIA accreditation in early 2022.

With internationally standardized kits and services, custom assay development solutions, clinical trial management, regulatory expertise, and most recently, expanding availability and support for our bioinformatics analysis software, Invivoscribe continues to innovate to provide comprehensive support to our global partners.

About Invivoscribe

Invivoscribe has been Improving Lives with Precision Diagnostics® for more than twenty-five years, advancing the field of precision medicine by developing and selling standardized reagents, tests, and bioinformatics tools to more than 700 customers in 160 countries. Invivoscribe also has a significant impact on global health working with pharmaceutical companies to accelerate approvals of new drugs and treatments by supporting international clinical trials, developing, commercializing companion diagnostics, and providing expertise in both regulatory and laboratory services. With its proven ability to provide global access to distributable reagents, kits, and controls, as well as clinical trial services through our international clinical lab subsidiaries (LabPMM), Invivoscribe has demonstrated it is an ideal partner. For additional information please visit: or contact Invivoscribe at:


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