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SMOORE Outlines Its Mission of “atomization making life better” at GTNF 2021

 SHENZHEN, China -Friday 24 September 2021 [ AETOS Wire ]

(BUSINESS WIRE)-- SMOORE, a global leader in offering vaping technology solutions, today has made its mark at The Global Tobacco & Nicotine Forum (GTNF) 2021. Senior Vice President of SMOORE and President of FEELM, the flagship atomization tech brand belonging to SMOORE, Frank Han makes the keynote speech to outline SMOORE’s mission of “atomization making life better.”

The Global Tobacco & Nicotine Forum (GTNF) is the world’s leading annual forum discussing the future of the tobacco and nicotine industries. The annual industry conference brings together key stakeholders from around the world, including global tobacco companies, vaping brands, scientists, public health experts, NGOs and policymakers.

In his speech, Frank Han calls upon all stakeholders of the industry to join the mission of “atomization making life better”, promoting the evolution of atomization ecosystem. He asserts that policymakers and NGOs should take the lead in institutional innovations to promote the healthier industry development and more balanced regulations, embracing vaping as a strategy to improve public health while safeguarding against youth vaping. Global media could also involve more people in the unbiased public dialogue on vaping.

Moreover, industry leaders should work together to build up more comprehensive industry standards. As one of the key industry standard setters, SMOORE has developed its vapor and material safety standards, which involve over 300 physical and chemical tests. These standards have also covered all of PMTA tests and the safety evaluation of over 50 atomization materials, thereby guaranteeing industry-leading product quality.

In terms of product innovation, Frank Han indicates that the underlying technology of vaping—atomization, has showed promising prospects in other fields, such as healthcare. With one of its R&D focus on the atomization application in healthcare, SMOORE has made significant progress on the research of atomized medication in the past three years.

“In the near future, more and more people will inhale medicines or vaccines with atomization devices. It could help the world pull through the pandemic,” said Frank Han.

According to Frank Han, SMOORE’s innovations are based on its insights into global consumers’ requirements and the commitment to improving user experience, which is the company’s first principle of product development. Based on the principle, SMOORE launched the world’s first Taste Evaluation Model in 2020, covering 4 dimensions and 51 indexes, so as to establish a scientific system to evaluate vaping tastes.

Moreover, Frank Han points out that scientific innovation is the driving force of the industry’s evolution. Industry pioneers are constantly committed to the cross-disciplinary fundamental research of “atomization science”, to explore the mechanism of atomization.

As the world’s leading atomization tech platform, SMOORE has recruited R&D experts from different backgrounds and built up 7 global research centers around the world. In addition to in-house R&D resources, SMOORE has partnered with top universities to leverage the latest scientific discoveries and transform them into cutting–edge applied technologies.

The industry is also embracing intelligent manufacturing to improve resource efficiency. For example, SMOORE introduced the first fully automated pod production line in the world. Now, a single line of SMOORE can produce 7,200 standard vaporizers per hour.

In partnership with clients, SMOORE has also adopted sustainable practices in all stages of product development, especially manufacturing, so as to fulfill its commitment to reducing carbon footprint.

“Innovation and sustainability are the ideas to which the whole industry has been adhering, since the advent of vaping. The two ideas share a common goal, that is ‘atomization making life better’, which echoes SMOORE’s corporate mission,” said Frank Han.

Committed to the mission of “Atomization making life better”, SMOORE will continue to discover more diversified atomization methods and more advanced technology roadmap while jointly promoting a more inclusive dialogue mechanism along with partners from different sectors.


SMOORE is a global leader in offering vaping technology solutions, including manufacturing vaping devices, and vaping components, with advanced R&D technology, strong manufacturing capacity, wide-spectrum product portfolio and diverse customer base. The Company is the world's largest vaping device manufacturer in terms of revenue, accounting for 18.9% of the total global market share.


FEELM is a high-end atomization technology brand belonging to SMOORE. Focusing on the research of cutting-edge atomization technology, FEELM also specializes in the development and manufacturing of high quality atomization devices driven by FEELM ceramic coil. “FEELM inside” symbol is on the closed system pods of a number of global leading tobacco companies and vaping companies around the world. The accumulated sales volume of FEELM has surpassed 3 billion pieces per year.

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