Sunday, May 18, 2014

Neos Therapeutics Announces Issuance of New Patent Covering Composition of Matter for Company Novel ADHD Products

US Patent No. 8,709,491 will Provide Protection Until 2032

DALLAS & FORT WORTH, Texas. - Thursday, May 15th 2014 [ME NewsWire]

(BUSINESS WIRE) Neos Therapeutics, Inc. (“Neos” or “the Company”), a highly differentiated oral drug delivery company with a portfolio of proprietary technologies and a late-stage pipeline of innovative controlled release (CR) products for ADHD, announced today that it has been granted a patent covering its novel amphetamine ADHD products.
Neos has developed an extended release (XR) amphetamine oral disintegrating tablet (ODT) and an extended release amphetamine liquid suspension both of which are expected to be filed for FDA approval in the next 12-15 months. “We are pleased with the grant of this patent as it will provide protection for our amphetamine XR-ODT and amphetamine XR-suspension until June 2032,” said Vipin K. Garg, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer of Neos. “We have begun to assess our options to commercialize these products in anticipation of FDA approval.”
“The Neos patent portfolio continues to grow as we continue to develop and utilize our platform drug delivery technologies,” stated Mark Tengler, Chief Technology Officer of Neos. “Extended release and patient-friendly dosage forms are essential in the treatments of ADHD, and our technologies may provide this advantage.”
About Neos Therapeutics
Neos Therapeutics Inc., is a specialty pharmaceutical company focused on the development and manufacture of FDA approved drug products that utilize the Company’s proprietary and patented delivery technologies. The Neos drug products are being developed using the Dynamic Time Release Suspension® (DTRS®) and Rapidly Disintegrating Ionic Masking™ (RDIM™) technologies that deliver controlled release (CR) small molecule active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) in either liquid or orally disintegrating tablet (ODT) dosage forms. By utilizing APIs that are already FDA-approved, Neos can reduce development and regulatory risk and efficiently advance targeted proprietary Rx products through the FDA’s New Drug Application (NDA) approval process. For more information, visit
Dynamic Time Release Suspension® and DTRS® are registered trademarks of Neos Therapeutics, LP, an affiliate of Neos Therapeutics, Inc., and Rapidly Disintegrating Ionic Masking™ and RDIM™ are trademarks of Neos Therapeutics, Inc.
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