Thursday, May 15, 2014

Analyst BARC Describes the Future Direction of Business Planning – BOARD Software is Already There

LUGANO, Switzerland - Thursday, May 15th 2014 [ME NewsWire]

(BUSINESS WIRE)-- The BARC Institute and the International Controller Association (ICV) have interviewed the planning methods and tools of over 400 companies from all sectors for one the largest studies of this kind, The Planning Survey 14. The survey concludes that the merging of strategic, financial and operational planning as well as the integration of planning with other performance management processes offer huge potential for optimization.

Particular need for improvement is seen in regard to the use of software: 71 percent of respondents stated that their planning process was covered with several different tools; 86 percent cited Microsoft Excel as their solely or jointly used planning solution. “The study results show that planning processes that are supported with Excel stand-alone or a combination of different tools are more likely to have problems and take significantly longer. Having the planning process in a single tool saves time and resources”, said Dr. Christian Fuchs, Senior Analyst at BARC and co-author.

BOARD has invited author Christian Fuchs to present the results of the study during a webinar on May, 15th. Participation is free, but spaces are limited. Click here for more detail.

BOARD’s unique all-in-one environment allows companies to seamlessly integrate planning with any other performance management process: from Profitability Analysis to Financial Reporting, from Financial Consolidation to Strategy Management. "Now that companies become more aware of the importance of planning, they also value BOARD’s particular strength, simulation. By combining OLAP, Scenario Management, Advanced Data Entry and Analytics with a highly flexible data model, BOARD really stands out from the competition”, said Giovanni Grossi, CEO of BOARD International in response to Fuchs‘ statement.

For a full version of the BARC study "The Planning Survey 14", please click here.

About BOARD:

BOARD International is a leading global provider of software to improve business results through more effective decision-making. Thanks to the seamless integration of business intelligence (BI) and corporate performance management (CPM) in a single product allows users of the BOARD Management Intelligence solution to achieve a single view of their business performance and thus a single version of the truth. Since 1994 BOARD has so helped over 2,500 organizations to better business performance through better decisions. BOARD has a worldwide network of subsidiaries, distributors and local partners.


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