Friday, June 7, 2024

Dubai hosted the largest Rhythmic Gymnastics Competition - the GYMNASTIKA SOLO CUP 2024

 Gymnasts from 23 countries made a remarkable and memorable appearance at the GYMNASTIKA SOLO CUP 2024, held in Dubai from May 17 to 19. This year's event, the largest ever international gymnastics cup in the GCC, featured 800 gymnasts from 23 countries, drawing 6,000+ spectators to the stadium and 10,000,000+ online viewers.

Young athletes from all over the world competed alongside renowned gymnasts such as Alina Harnasko and Anastasia Salos, as well as competitors from across the GCC, Americas, Russia, Asia, and local young gymnasts of Palestinian heritage.

This year, the GYMNASTIKA SOLO CUP 2024 featured a prize fund of 10,000 EUROS, marking the first time such a substantial prize has been offered in the GCC. This prize was provided by the title sponsor, SOLO, an international brand known for its sportswear, shoes, and accessories for rhythmic gymnastics, dance, and choreography.

In the senior category, the top honors went to Anna Popova, who also clinched the grand prize. Alina Harnasko secured the second position, followed by Lala Kramarenko in third. These globally renowned gymnasts elevated the competition's prestige, and it was a privilege to host them at the GYMNASTIKA SOLO CUP 2024.

A professional team of judges with international experience ensured the highest standard of competition.

The event concluded with a thrilling finale, showcasing the most spectacular Show of Stars of World Gymnastics. This grand finale featured performances from over 19 different sports clubs, including professional artistic gymnastics, roller skating, aerial gymnastics, singers, professional dancers, and rhythmic gymnastics Olympic stars. The athletes delivered breathtaking routines, leaving the audience in awe and marking a memorable end to the GYMNASTIKA SOLO CUP 2024.

"This tournament, which has brought together 23 countries and more than 10 million viewers, opens up new horizons. We are glad to be a part of this incredible story of sportsmanship and beauty," said Anastasia Zakrevskaya, CEO of GYMNASTIKA RG Club UAE.


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The tournament is set to be even larger and more spectacular next year for the IV yearly international Rhythmic Gymnastics competition



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