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GIGABYTE’s AI Servers with Superchips Shine at COMPUTEX, Redefining a New Era of Computing

 (BUSINESS WIRE)--GIGABYTE is exhibiting cutting-edge technologies and solutions at COMPUTEX 2023, presenting the theme “Future of COMPUTING”. From May 30th to June 2nd, GIGABYTE is showcasing over 110 products that are driving future industry transformation, demonstrating the emerging trends of AI technology and sustainability, on the 1st floor, Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 1.

Win Big with AI through GIGABYTE’s Pioneering GPU/HPC Servers

GIGABYTE and its subsidiary, Giga Computing, are introducing unparalleled AI/HPC server lineups, leading the era of exascale supercomputing. One of the stars is the industry’s first NVIDIA-certified HGX H100 8-GPU SXM5 server, G593-SD0. Equipped with the 4th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable Processors and GIGABYTE’s industry-leading thermal design, G593-SD0 can perform extremely intensive workloads from generative AI and deep learning model training within a density-optimized 5U server chassis, making it a top choice for data centers aimed for AI breakthroughs.

In addition, GIGABYTE is debuting AI computing servers supporting NVIDIA Grace CPU and Grace Hopper Superchips. The high-density servers are accelerated with NVLink-C2C technology under the ARM Neoverse V2 platform, setting a new standard for AI/HPC computing efficiency and bandwidth.

Embrace Sustainability with GIGABYTE’s World-Acclaimed Green Computing Solutions

GIGABYTE’s green computing solutions are elevating the standards of data center energy efficiency to the next level. It is the first time for GIGABYTE to showcase three models of immersion cooling tanks at COMPUTEX, to demonstrate how green computing can eliminate the need for power-hungry fans and air conditioning. The solutions enable customers to therefore meet their sustainability goals while dealing with the surging demand for computing-heavy innovations.

In addition to green computing solutions, GIGABYTE is also highlighting its long-standing efforts in achieving “sustainable productivity” at COMPUTEX for the first time. GIGABYTE has been developing innovative eco-friendly products, optimizing production lines, which have reduced energy consumption by 34% and emissions by 43% since 2009, and practicing circular economy through e-waste repair, recycling, and refurbishment. In 2021 and 2022, GIGABYTE was rated “Leadership-Level” by CDP Climate Assessment for its distinguished sustainability actions and accomplishments.

Advance Data Centers with Next-Generation Server Selections

Technology development and digital services rely heavily on advanced data centers. GIGABYTE is exhibiting a wide range of servers and motherboards suitable for cloud computing, data storage, and edge computing, as well as servers displayed in EIA and OCP (Open Compute Project) standardized racks. The latest GIGABYTE enterprise products support the latest chips from AMD, Ampere, Intel, and NVIDIA, which allow data centers to benefit from optimized performance, flexibility, scalability, and efficiency.

Enable Smart Industry with GIGABYTE’s Superior AI-Driven Deployment

The development of network communication has spurred the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT). At COMPUTEX, GIGABYTE is showcasing how IoT can utilize AI technology to modernize manufacturing, retail, autonomous vehicles, healthcare, and other sectors. The key technology on display includes industrial motherboards, embedded systems, microcomputers, AI image recognition systems, and the Internet of Vehicles, leveraging next-generation chip technology to unlock boundless opportunities through digital transformation.

Reshape the Game with Award-Winning AORUS and AERO Computers

GIGABYTE has always adhered to a design philosophy that delivers outstanding consumer experience. AORUS gaming and AERO creator series have won 15 Red Dot Design Awards in 2023 across motherboards, graphics cards, laptops, large 4K monitors, and gaming peripherals, demonstrating GIGABYTE’s dedicated innovation and aesthetic excellence. In addition to the award-winning AORUS and AERO products, GIGABYTE will also showcase various selections of motherboards, SSD drives, and DIY kits, impressing tech enthusiasts with abundant choices of excellence.

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