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The Japan Sanitary Equipment Industry Association: Warm Water Spray Seat Shipments Reach 100 Million Units in Japan

 Promoting Rear Cleansing Culture for More Than 50 Years

-Evolving for Cleanliness, Comfort, and Efficiency to Contribute to Comfortable Restroom Culture-

(BUSINESS WIRE) --The Japan Sanitary Equipment Industry Association, which is composed of Japanese companies engaged in the manufacturing of toilets (Headquarters: Nagoya, Aichi, Japan. President: Noriaki Kiyota [President & Representative Director of TOTO Ltd.], hereinafter “Association”) is proud to announce that the number of warm water spray seat shipments since the industry began tracking statistics (1987) has reached 100 million units as of June 2022.

The Road to 100 Million Units

The start of importation and sale of toilets and toilet seats with warm-water washing functionality into Japan in 1964 sparked major changes of “washing bottoms” in Japanese toilets. At first, sales were targeted towards medical facilities, and use was not widespread. Later, domestic production began, and companies launched initiatives including product development and improvement, and sales promotions to encourage use in common households. Eventually, more Japan residents grew to recognize these products after a TV commercial in 1982. Once people experienced the comfort of a warm toilet seat and the refreshing satisfaction of rear cleansing, they were unable to live without it. Good reputations spread, and these products finally became accepted by the general public.

Association member companies have been working continuously to evolve these products and to promote further use, by making new proposals and implementing updates that reflect consumer needs across multiple aspects, including function, comfort, hygiene, design, and energy efficiency. Currently in 2022, usage rates in general households have surpassed 80%, which means that it can finally be said that these products are estimated to be used in the majority of general households with flushable toilets. Likewise, because warm water spray seats have a good reputation for comfort, they have also been widely adopted for use in public places such as office buildings, commercial facilities, hotels, trains, and train stations.

Must-Have Item for Japanese Bathrooms

According to an awareness survey conducted by the Association in 2022 among warm water spray seat users in Japan, the main reason for use was “It’s sanitary and feels good to use.” In addition, 97% of the respondents would like to continue to use the warm-water washing toilet seats, indicating that once they use them, they find it so comfortable that they will not want to give them up.

Meanwhile, outside of Japan, demands are growing in other countries across the Americas, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East in recent years as interest in hygiene continues to rise, and the international market for warm water spray seats continues to expand every year. In particular, a sudden rise in demand was seen in North America in 2020, stoking anticipation for wider usage in the near future.

The Association and its members, Japanese manufacturers of warm water spray seats, are dedicated to making real improvements in restroom culture worldwide through the wider usage of sanitary and comfortable warm water spray seats in every country.

Awareness Survey for Warm Water Spray Seat Users

Survey Method: Online questionnaire

Survey Targets: Users of warm-water washing toilet seats, aged 10 to 79, living in Japan, 150 respondents for each age group, total of 2,100 respondents

Survey Period: February 4, 2022 (Friday) to February 7, 2022 (Sunday)

[ Survey Results Summary ]

The main reason for use was “It’s sanitary and feels good to use.”

When asked why they use warm water spray seats, most respondents said “It removes waste well and keeps me clean” (82%) and nearly half of respondents said “It feels good and refreshing” (48%).

97% of respondents said “I want to continue using it.”

Regarding their intention to continue the use of warm-water toilet seats in the future, 86% of respondents said they would like to continue to use them, and 11% said they would rather continue to use them.

Learn More About the Japan Sanitary Equipment Industry Association

The Japan Sanitary Equipment Industry Association is an industry organization made up of toilet equipment manufacturers that handle products such as sanitary fixtures (large and small toilets) and warm-water washing toilet seats.

The Japan Sanitary Equipment Industry Association operates the JAPAN TOILET INFORMATION website, which is dedicated to providing information on toilet conditions in Japan (usage, signage, etc.) for foreign visitors to Japan.


[ Member Companies (As of June 2022, in alphabetical order) ]

Aisin Corporation, Asahi Eito Co., Ltd., Janis Ltd., Lixil Corporation, Panasonic Holdings Corporation, SAN-EI Faucet Mfg Co., Ltd, Toshiba Lifestyle Products & Services Corporation, TOTO Ltd.

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The Japan Sanitary Equipment Industry Association, Tokyo Office

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