Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Make Laundry Day More Efficient With LG TWINWash

 LG’s Advanced Washing Machines with Dual Washing Capabilities Offered at Discounted Prices During Dubai Shopping Festival

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates-Tuesday 22 December 2020 [ AETOS Wire ]

Since 2015, LG Electronics (LG) has been empowering homeowners to take care of their laundry with greater ease and efficiency, with the introduction of the company’s revolutionary TWINWash system.

LG’s TWINWash washing machines feature a main washer drum for larger loads of clothing and bedding, while the TWINWash Mini (which sits underneath and keeps a slim profile) is ideal for delicate fabrics, and smaller loads.

The TWINWash system is unique in that it empowers users to operate two cycles, simultaneously – eliminating the risk of last-minute rushing before an important meeting or function. Additionally, if a homeowner only has a few items which require assistance, the TWINWash Mini serves as the ideal solution for smaller cycles and can be operated independently. Shirts, gym kits and even babywear can be tackled by the smaller drum, ensuring clothes are ready for the right moment, and reducing excess water and energy consumption.

With two separate systems, homeowners are also afforded the ability to separate based on color and fabric type, while ensuring all garments are ready on time. With their larger capacity and dual functionality, LG TWINWash washing machines have also been proven to reduce laundry times. Depending on final settings chose, users can complete two loads of laundry simultaneously, in as little as 49 minutes.

LG’s washing machines also feature 6 Motion Direct Drive technology, which moves the washer drum in multiple directions and patterns to give fabrics the right level of care. For further peace-of-mind, the company’s Steam™ technology has been identified as being able to reduce allergens by up to 99.9%. Steam™ technology uses high temperature water particles to not only be gentler on clothing, but also more effective at removing stains, odors and creases.

For those who wish to save even further on time and energy consumption, TWINWash washing machines feature EcoHybrid mode. In this program, users can select Eco Dry mode – which uses no water for condensing, or Normal Dry mode to shorten the entire drying cycle and reduce energy costs.

TWINWash owners can also download the LG ThinQ app on their smartphones, which enables the remote monitoring and control of laundry from anywhere.



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