Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Savonix and Fujitsu Connected Technologies Limited Partner to Introduce Savonix Mobile App on Raku-Raku Smartphone F-42A

  Digital Cognitive Testing App Allows Users to Take Charge of Their Brain Health

SAN FRANCISCO-Tuesday 29 September 2020 [ AETOS Wire ]

(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Savonix, a global leader in digital cognitive health testing, and Fujitsu Connected Technologies Limited (FCNT), one of the major smartphone manufacturers in Japan, unveiled Savonix Mobile–a digital cognitive testing app–on the Raku-Raku Smartphone F-42A.

More than 4.6 million people in Japan are suffering from some form of dementia, with the total expected to soar to about 7.3 million people – or one in five Japanese aged 65 or over – by 2025. Japan’s government last year announced aims to reduce dementia cases by 6 percent in those aged 70 and older over the next six years.

Savonix Mobile, pre-installed on the Raku-Raku Smartphone F-42A, will allow users to test their cognition across eight brain functions such as executive function, working memory, and impulse control. Users will immediately receive test results within the app and will be able to take action to manage their cognitive health. Savonix Mobile detects mild cognitive impairment 93 percent of the time. For this reason, testing cognition is a good way to monitor your brain health over time. Recent studies presented at this year’s Alzheimer’s Association International Conference in July showed that up to 40 percent of dementias may be prevented by changing health habits such as diet, smoking, alcohol use, and sleep. Understanding your lifestyle risks can help you make smarter choices about brain health.

The Raku-Raku Smartphone will also house a pedometer and other important healthcare pre-installed applications to support and manage the user’s health.

“We’re excited about our partnership with FCNT as it will put easy and accurate cognitive testing into the hands of people who need it. This is impactful and aligns with how Japan and Japanese companies like FCNT are leading globally on the prevention of dementia,” said Savonix Founder and CEO Dr. Mylea Charvat. “Our digital cognitive assessment platform enables people to assess and monitor their brain health regularly and to incorporate lifestyle advice to improve brain wellness.”

“It is our great pleasure to have our Raku-Raku Smartphone F-42A equipped with the Savonix Mobile App,” said Katsumi Takada, President & Representative Director at FCNT. “This adoption enables services that support maintaining brain health and reducing the risk of dementia for users. We expect that this will make people more conscious about their health and help them lead a healthier life.”

About Savonix

A global leader in cognitive health, Savonix delivers the only neuropsychology platform in the market. Savonix provides digital cognitive health solutions and empowers healthcare providers, payers, and researchers to evaluate and leverage results to improve health and treatment outcomes. Developed by clinical neuropsychologists and digital health technology experts, the Savonix Cognitive Assessment is an accurate, accessible, and affordable tool available for download on all mobile devices. To learn more about Savonix, visit Savonix.com.

About Fujitsu Connected Technologies

Fujitsu Connected Technologies Limited was established in February 2016 through the spinoff of Fujitsu Limited’s mobile phone business. To create a future where people live their lives fully with peace of mind, FCNT connects people, things, and services in a more comfortable way with transcendental ideas and advanced technologies. FCNT has led the way in its integration of healthcare technologies into mobile phones since they introduced the world's first mobile phone with a pedometer in 2003. For more details, please visit https://www.fujitsu.com/jp/group/fcnt/

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