Sunday, October 29, 2017

Grundfos Introduces its Energy Check Services to the UAE Market

 The Energy Checks Will Help Industrial Organizations,Hotels, Water Utilities and Offices Achieve 30-60% Savings in Your Pumps Energy Costand Enhance their Environmental Footprint

Dubai, United Arab Emirates.-Sunday, October 29th 2017 [ AETOS Wire ]

Grundfos, the award-winning world leader in advanced pump solutions, has recently introduced its world-class energy check services for pump systems to the UAE market.The new energy check services will help diverse sectors including industrial, hotels, water utilities and offices achieve 30-60% savings in your pumps energy cost.

The energy checks provided by Grundfos will assist organizations manage energy rising prices, reduce energy costs and improve their green image as buildings and facilities rely on pumps to manage their water supply, and heating and cooling systems. The new energy checks can also help organizations realize the hidden energy and CO2 savings of their current pump systems.

“Our energy checks are essential to organizations opting to both save energy and improve their environmental imprint,” commented Tolga Candan, Grundfos Business Development Manager, Energy Opt & Retrofit. “In a case study on a milk processing plant in Turkey, our energy checks have led to solutions that elevated energy savings to an astonishing amount of AED 700,000 annually, allowing paying back the original investment cost in just 2 months.”

He added: “Our specialist teams in Grundfos will conduct simple inspections of pump installations to calculate potential savings and make suggestions for high performing energy efficient solutions. Most importantly these inspections are fast, easy and free, and don’t require down time on the pump systems, which means that there wouldn’t be any interruption in serviceswhile executing these inspections.”

The findings of the inspection teams of Grundfos will be included in a free energy check report detailing the current pump installation and operation, and potential upgrades, savings and payback times.

Notably, the case studies executed by Grundfos show that in the milk processing plant example mentioned earlier, the total energy savings reached up to2,054,940kwh/year (65%); in another case of Sheraton 5-star hotel in central Dubai, the estimated energy saving reached up to 210,240 kWh/year (48%); in a Headquarters office building case, the energy savings reached up to(42%); and in the case of a water pumping station in the UAE, the total energy savings reached up to 876,000 kWh/year (24%). These numbers express the importance of the energy check services provided by Grundfos, and the improvements that can be achieved by applying them.

In the same context; Grundfos has organized a three day Retrofit Event during 9-11 October 2017 at the Grundfos Villa to shed light on the importance of energy checks. The discussions saw the participation of renowned speakers who highlighted several topics in this regard.Tolga Candan, Business Development Manager, Energy Opt & Retrofit, gave a lecture on Hidden Treasure in Pumps; Stephane le Gentil, Chief Executive Officer of Etihad Energy Services Company, spoke about Energy Efficiency Retrofits in the Region; and Ronak Monga, Product Manager, HVAC, Grundfos delivered a lecture titled Pumps 101.

The lectures highlighted the fact that energy costs are increasing and as a result many Governments are setting environmental legislations encouraging companies to reduce their energy consumption and improve their CO2 footprint. In this regard; the Dubai Supreme Council of Energy is aiming to retrofit 30,000 buildings by 2030 to reduce energy demand by 30%.

Although pumps are at the heart of facilities; but they come with daily operation costs.In fact, 85 % of the total costs of pumps result from the energy consumption used to operate pumps. An energy check of pumps provides a solid foundation for saving 30-50% ofpumps operational costs.Anyinstallation of old, oversized, inefficient or unsuitable pumps is likely to prevent achieving such savings, and the energy checks provided by Grundfos will help in realizing such valuable savings.

“In addition to the amount of savings achieved; the benefits of our energy check services have also ledto reducedmaintenance costs; improved process efficiency; improved system efficiency; short ROIs; and operational problems overcome, leading to better and more efficient performance, and to enhanced environmental footprint,”Candanconcluded.

About Grundfos

Founded in 1945 in Bjerringbro, a small town in Denmark, Grundfos has expanded its production to over 40 countries. Today Grundfos is represented by 19,000 employees in over 50 countries worldwide with revenue above €3 billion euro. Additionally, Grundfos has a strong local presence through its distributors and partners. With an annual production of more than 16 million pump units serving systems within buildings, industry, waste utilities, infrastructure, landscaping and water treatment, Grundfos is one of the world’s leading pump manufacturers and a trendsetter in water technology.

 Setting the highest industry standards in energy efficient and sustainable pumping solutions is a key part of Grundfos’ foundation. Built on values and high ethics, Grundfos works with local communities and global society to resolve the world’s water and energy challenges. Grundfos has been present in the Middle East since the 1980s and today its regional headquarters are in the Jebel Ali Free Zone, one of the largest ports and Free Zones in the world. It has additional representative companies in KSA and Egypt, and branch offices throughout the region.


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