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InFo 124M – Swiss Made EDOF IOL for Cataract Surgery

NEUCHATEL, Switzerland-Friday, January 20th 2017 [ ME NewsWire ]

(BUSINESS WIRE)-- The company Swiss Advanced Vision (SAV-IOL SA - www.sav-iol.com) continues to expand its portfolio of intraocular lenses (IOLs) announcing the launch of a new product range based on the first InFo series released in January 2016. InFo lenses are designed to replace the crystalline after the cataract surgery providing patients a vision free of glasses, avoiding unwanted visual adverse effects, and preserving the resolution.

The IOL InFo 124M is designed with an overall diameter of 12.4 mm to accommodate with large capsular bags. “With InFo 124M, we consolidate our current product range allowing more patients to benefit from our technology” says Max Boysset, CEO of Swiss Advanced Vision. “We are now working to enlarge our portfolio still using the Instant Focus® technology with more affordable solutions on one hand and very high-end products on the other hand to consolidate our offer with regards to cataract surgery”.

InFo lenses are designed to provide patients suffering from cataract a high-quality solution to retrieve a continuous vision free of glasses. Due to its unique design and the use of the patented technology Instant Focus®, the InFo lens reduces dysphotopsia to nearly zero.

The Instant Focus® technology allows to extend the depth of focus (EDOF) providing a continuous near and intermediate vision free of halos, while preserving the resolution and contrast sensitivity. Due to the non-diffractive approach, the brain is not confused with multiple focal points and gets adapted much faster to its new vision.

About SAV-IOL SA: Swiss company located in the French speaking part of Switzerland. BSI certification MD 615363 - More

About InFo: Intraocular lens +5.0D to 30.0D, by step of 0.5D, available in 10.8 and 12.4 mm. BSI CE certification CE 615365, Brochure, Instruction for Use - More

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